Sunday, December 21, 2008
- tag by beloved angeline =.= -
1.What’s your ambition?
- my ambition was BERRY simple - be rich get a rich husband n letting me do nothing at all n shop whole day long Xp

2.Who is more important to you?Friends or boy/girlfriend?
- for now it's myself(60%) n my family(40%)
* you'll need to be realistic at times =.= *

3.How often do you think of saving someone from committing suicide?
- er not even once? =.=

4.Do you think you have enough confidence?
- erm depends on which kinda confidence..i'm BERRY confidence at times yet i could be really lack of confidence as well

5.How many babies you want?
- NONE..babies n kids could be de most EVIL creatures ever created by human beings! >.<

6.Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
- is this a fairytale-related-question? =.= if it appears then it appears if it doesn't then it doesn't
* i don't really care anyway =.= *

7.What is your goal for this year?
- diet n starve myself * mission impossible >.< *

8.Do you believe in eternity love?
- there's once i did believe in it but not anymore

9.What’s a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend like to u?(list 10)
- caring n loving
- honest n loyal to me
- good-looking or not-bad-looking
- talented in music or art or both
- know how to cook very well as i don't know how to cook at all =.=
- know how to dress up himself in order to look smart
- smart aka clever
- great sense of humour
- listen to me n always be there for me
- with good sense of direction * i could be really bad in recognizing roads at times >.< *
additonal - rich * if he's rich as well he would be BERRY perfect Xp but i know there's no such a person exist in this world =.= *

10.What are you really afraid of?
- fall in love

11.What are your bad habits?
- being a shopaholic n big spender =.=

12.Is there anything you wanna tell the people who hate you?

13.State a random fact about yourself.
- i'm fat

14. What does flying mean to you?
- travel alone * yumm*

15.What do you crave for the most currently?
- to have a close friend * deep sigh *

16.Describe the person that tagged you in 7 words.
- a girl who loves chanel n esprit * woo! ngam ngam 7 words Xp *

17.Are you currently single or?
- single

18.What is in your mind now?
- my beloved ...

19.Who are you?
- chuilynn * duh~ * for de rest i wasn't so sure though

20.What makes you happy?
- for now? shopping * i am a shopaholic remember? =.= *

Remove one question from above and add in your personal question.
Make a total of 20 questions and tag 5 peoples.
List them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their cbox that they’ve been tagged.

I will tag:
no one n thank you berry much =3
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