Tuesday, December 30, 2008
- super duper happy -

it's 30th of december already!

today it would be de last day i'm gonna stay in office n work! Xp
yeah! time to celebrate =D

however i'm gonna go uni berry soon >.<
wasn't sure whether it is a happy thing ornot
but oh well ah don't care
for this berry moment i just wanna study somehow >.<

oh so soon i'm gonna back to de entertainment-less kampar n stay there for another 2 n a half years =.=
it's gonna be so boring >.<

n ah gonna move in to westlake n gonna stay with strangers =.=
i wonder are they nice people =.=
really do hope they're nice people
hope they're not those mean n bitchy people
* i assumed that de unit i'm gonna stay in is all girl's unit *

n coursemates >.<
hope there's actually girls studying my course
so that i have FEMALE coursemates to hang out with >.<

ah diet plan is still on anyway
after de food poisoning incident
i lose roughly 2 kgs =D

but i still got like 3 more kgs to go to reach my ideal weight
so diet plan will keep on going until i starve myself to death
muahahahahahahaha Xp


oh yeah i should be started to do some shopping already >.<
got lots to buy somehow * though i already bought alots =.= *

ah uni life gonna start berry soon >.<
hope i could get good results n won't disappoint myself * yes myself =.= *
my parents n brother never really put high hope on me
kononnya don't wanna give me pressure haha Xp

anyway i'll study hard n try my best to get good results =3

ah 2008 is finally gonna comes to an end

2008 is treating me good yet cruel as well throughout de whole year
good n bad things happened

bah oh well
hope all de bad things get away from me n good things come to me in 2009 =3

omg i'm gonna be 21 years old then?
sounds old >.< yet i'm looking forward to it =D

oh well i'll just chill n relax n welcome 2009 in genting then hahaha Xp

just allow me to be lame for once

haha omg it's like so lame my goodness Xp
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