Friday, December 19, 2008
- no clue -
all this while people has been asking me

do you play facebook?
what's your facebook account?

oh well i normally i'll tell them them that

i don't have a facebook account

i'm totally not interested in it
n i don't wanna get myself to involve in facebook
* after see-ing ms. moi n ms. foo n ms. ong got addicted to it * =.=

almost every once awhile ms. moi will be like bugging me to join facebook
* oh well i think most probably she wanted me to join so badly is to give her gift or whatever it is that were popular-in in facebook =.= *

oh well anyway

de best way to stop her from bugging me to join facebook is to actually join it =.=

so oh yeah
i have a facebook account now * deep deep sighs *
dgn unwillingly =.=

but since de friendster's friendlist of mine became so junk-y
so in facebook i think it's better only to add people that i actually know

n oh yeah
still not really in-de-facebook-mood anyway
* as i don't wanna get addicted to it *

really don't know why people so bersemangat play facebook n tag here n there n this n that =.=

working lady not so free play facebook =.=
* but i'm free to do other stuff muahahahaha totally excuses Xp *

oh well anyway people that i know
add me n keep in touch

people that i don't know
erm..i'll see whether i wanna add you ornot then Xp
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