Sunday, November 09, 2008
- toy poodle -
you know i always wanted to have those small small aka miniature doggie that i could keep them in house n play oh i mean take care of them n be with them all de time

but unfortunately my dad don't let >.<
saying that they will scratch de sofas n will pee n poo everywhere in de house =.=
* but if you train em' well enough i don't see it would be a problem *

anyway my dream is to own a toy poodle in de future when i get married or something like that

so fucking damn cute no? Xp

white colour poodle will get dirty very easily n it will be obvious =.=
while black colour it will be like a black colour creature running here n there in your house
n it would be pretty weird =.=

so i think if i'm gonna get one for myself i would choose either light brown or red
* it must depends though *

i think by de time i graduate from uni n start working i could start planning to buy one for myself =)

though i wish by that time there will be a boyfriend to buy for me
but oh well who knows when i could get a boyfriend =.=

ah i don't care i just want to have a toy poodle as a pet in de future! hmmph

i rather to have a dog than have a kid =.=
chuilynn says at 2:27:00 PM
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