Saturday, November 15, 2008
- Tommy 10 For Men & DKNY Be Delicious For Men -
comparison of these two perfumes

Tommy 10 For Men by Tommy Hilfiger

DKNY Be Delicious For Men

actually these two perfumes scent were almost de same

i bought DKNY at first cause i think it smells like de scent i'm looking for
n that time i found that de Tommy Hilfiger True Star Men discontinue d

but later on only i found Tommy 10 for Men by Tommy Hilfiger
after comparing both of them
DKNY's scent was slightly stronger than Tommy Hilfiger's

though their scents were almost de same
but of cause there were still a difference

so now DKNY i used it on my clothes
spray it to my shirt when i go out

no i'm not wasting!
it's just because DKNY's scent was really strong for me to spray on myself
so i spray it to my clothes

k la i admit it was like abit wasted
but my clothes smells really good =3

it's still worth it =)
chuilynn says at 4:05:00 PM
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