Tuesday, November 18, 2008
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since moilingsim so free went n tagged me
so i bagi muka abit to WASTE my PRECIOUS time to do this tag lo Xp
no one will read anyway >.<


Name :
chuilynn aka Evelyn

Nickname : lin lin / lynn lynn >.<

Married : single but not available =)

Zodiac Sign : Virgo

Gender :
i'm a girl what you expect =.=

Age : 20 * sounds old *

High School : PGS

College : TARC

Height : 165cm

Weight : 55kg (for now) * damn i'm revealing my weight >.< *

Do you like yourself : sometimes

Piercings : 2 pairs on ears

Right or left : right

Are you a freak : i do think that i am sometimes Xp

Hair : keeping my hair long now * with fringe *

Skin : not too fair not too dark

Allergic : nasi lemak >.<

What are you doing now : doing this la dumb =.=

What will you do 1 hour later : it's just either work or sleep

What will you do 10 years later : i don't think i can predict future


Live with mother/father/parents : parents

Siblings (included you) : two

Eldest : my brother

Youngest : ME! =3

Love/hate your family : love la of cause


You found your another half : still waiting n searching

If yes, who is he/she : searching.com

If no, who you want he/she to be : him? ah whatever

Time(s) you in relationship : a few times

Ever woo boy/girl(0-100000) :
hmm not sure wo

Anyone woo you before(0-100000) :

Did anything wrong to your other half :
no i guess

What was/were the wrong you had done :
if really want me to say it would be me being such a ms. manja * n that was before *

Ever argue with your other half :
i don't like to argue with bf

You with your other half since :
i don't have anyone now =.=

Are you straight/lesbo :

Reasons you love your other half :
i said i DON'T HAVE anyone now =.=

You and your other half in which stage :
repeat - DON'T HAVE anyone NOW!

You woo he/she or he/she woo you :
it's enough =.=

Ever think of marry he/she :
once upon a time


Your first best friend :
a girl when i'm in primary school

Your first enemy :
i'm not sure =.=

The friend you love the most :
i love all of my friends

The enemy you hate the most (1 only) :
i don't know how to hate people

Your most beautiful girl friend :
banyak wo Xp

Your most handsome guy friend :
oh this tak berapa banyak Xp * n i can't think of any now >.< *

The kind of girl you hate the most :
like to show off n pretender * though i'm like to show off pun sometimes Xp *

The kind of boy you hate the most :
love to act smart but inside empty

You fall in love with your close friend before :

Your best friend is your ex-lover :
takda ler

If your friend backstabs you :
backstabs back! =.= no la actually i'll just ignore them

If your friend betray you :
betray back =.= nah will just ignore them as well

If your friend woo your lover :
you want you ma ambik lo * if you can *

If your friend fall in love with you :
follow de flow

If you fall in love with your best friend :
take action maybe


Are you a good student :
not really

You always done your homeworks/assignments :
always last minute

The teacher/tutor you love the most :
got a few ger

Always late to school/college :
sometimes only la

Your class :
also sometimes la

You love your seniors :
haha depends on who lo Xp

Senior who you love the most :
got one la

Your classmates good/bad :
most of them were good

Excellent result classmate :
excellent to me means score 4.0 but none of them score that yet =.=

Laziest classmate :
tons of them * including me Xp *


Smart people : admire them

Stupid people :
pity them

Good looking people :
admire n kept on looking at them Xp

Ugly people :
still pity them

Funny people :
fun to be with

Cute people :
tease them! Xp

Bad people :
ignore them of cause =.=

Honest people :
secretly dislike them if they talk something honest yet bad bout me Xp

Acting people :
i'm sort of an acting people at times Xp

You are what kind of people :
combination of smart(bit bit at times) - stupid(alots most of de time) - ugly(kinda) - funny(sometimes) - bad(i'm bad n mean Xp) - acting(ah i love to act Xp)


Lip or eyes :

Hugs or kisses :

Shorter or taller :
taller of cause

hesitant or spontaneous :

Nice stomach or nice arms :
arms better =)

Listener or talker :
abit from both

Romantic or rich :
50/50 can?

Good husband or Good Father :
both la


Age to get marry :
when it's time to get married

Numbers of kid(s) :
hopefully none >.< they said if i get pregnant it would totally be an accident =.=

Career :
already set (software developer)

Salary :
as much as possible Xp

Retirement age :
as soon as possible =.=

Properties value :
houses cars MONEY plus a good husband that own all those stuff as well Xp

Wishes :
all above can fulfill then can d

no one no one no~ no~ no~ one~ * lame *
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