Thursday, November 06, 2008
- my wishlist -
it's not even christmas yet but i already list out my wishlist swt~
* but this wasn't really a material wishlist actually =.= *

anyway here it goes :

- i wish to buy more perfumes
* shopaholic I KNOW >.< *

- i wish to buy de swatch watch
* still wishing n still thinking worth it ornot =.= *

- i wish i could have a toy poodle in de future
* which i buy it myself =.= *


- i wish my future boyfriend/husband will buy me a toy poodle
* in other word he must helps to take care of de dog as well Xp *

- i wish de car can come back to me as soon as possible

- i wish to quit my job NOW n stay at home do nothing at all whole day long

- i wish i could be in uni now n study

- i wish to go somewhere far for a trip
* overseas maybe..go for a trip alone would be nice *

- i wish i could drive to those states/cities/places that i never been to before

- i wish i could lose 5 more kgs
* i think i'll need to starve myself to death to achieve this sighs *

- i wish to know more new friends

- i wish i could have close friend
* pathetic no? >.< *

well basically that's all bout it
for now =.=
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