Wednesday, November 12, 2008
- i'm happy again! =) -
i bought it i bought it!!!

i said that i wanna get de Tommy Hilfiger True Star right?
* de one i wanted to get is Tommy Hilfiger True Star Men actually *

though they said discontinue jor


i bought something that smell almost * or should i say exactly * de same as Tommy Hilfiger True Star Men!

Tommy 10 For Men by Tommy Hilfiger =3
* yes yes men's perfume again Xp *

normally i'll buy de smallest size bottle
but for this one i bought de biggest one Xp

will definitely buy one or two more to keep
* for keeping purpose just in case it discontinue >.< *

ah i am so happy now!
this is exactly de scent that i'm looking for! XD

oh memories~
another memory perfume no? =)

really really nice scent =3
love it to de max! =3

but i overspent again
ah~ >.<
chuilynn says at 6:25:00 PM
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