Friday, October 31, 2008
- i'm happy =) -
yay i got myself two more perfumes~
so damn happy =3

Daisy - Marc Jacobs

this scent was pretty nice n sweet to me =)
can use it when i feel like being a lady for that day Xp

de perfume bottle looks way too lady btw >.<
there's three flowers on de perfume cover =.=


one more to come! Xp


DKNY Be Delicious for MEN!

DKNY Be Delicious for MEN = DKNY Be Delicious for ME!


girl cannot use guy's perfume mer?

but de main point is that you cannot spray too much of this perfume
or else de scent will be like really strong n it will turned out pretty manly >.<
just a light spray will do =)

i like this scent alots though * light spray * =)
it gave me a really special feeling somehow
it reminds me of something as well
kinda like a memory perfume to me

love it =)

at first i thought wanna get Tommy Hilfiger's True Star ger
* wasn't sure which one i want though at first =.= but now i think i know which to get jor *
but they told me this product discontinue jor >.<

maybe i should go other places n try to find this perfume
who knows they might still have it =3

* if don't have i go eBay buy hmmph Xp *

i know i spent way too much >.<
sekali gus bought two perfumes yet still wanna get more =.=

but both i also bought de smallest size one

so ah~ takpa la
it's not like i always shop like that also what Xp

don't say me "pai ka" anyway >.<
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