Sunday, October 05, 2008
- de evening dress -
on de 20th of September i went to kl
as i told some of you i went for de bridemaid's dress fitting

n somehow i forgot to take a picture of de bridemaid's dress =.=

anyway de dress was really well-made n fit me perfectly
as in it was made according to my body measurements right?

but it was a month ago
so it means that i wasn't gaining or losing any weight (that time)
as for i wasn't gaining any weight (that time)
it was a good thing

but as for losing weight
i thought i've been working real hard to diet n try to lose some weight
* but i kinda eat alots at times also la =.= *

well it seems like i failed >.<
but i was lucky that i wasn't gaining any weight haha (that time)
still working hard on it as two more months then it's my cousin sis's wedding
in fact it's less than two months =.=

need to be "in-shape" by then >.<

yes got alots of (that time) right?
it's simply because i've gained weight now >.<
* sighs *

anyway when i'm in kl my cousin sis brought me to shop for de dress for her wedding dinner

oh de bridemaid's dress is for day wear n this was for de night wear

n this is it

with short jacket on

n this is de heels that i match it with de evening dress
oh n bridemaid's dress as well =)

at first in that shop i tried on a really nice n fitting halter dress
aww it was like really really nice
* n again i forgot to snap a picture of it >.< *

it fits me pretty well but too bad there's a tiny damage on that dress =(

so in de end they got me this dress instead

hmm i shall try to go to de other branches to find de same dress

but all of their branches were in kl
none of their branches near me T.T

that's sad

but nevermind
for de next trip to kl i shall go shopping again
n find that dress Xp
* maybe i should get more halter dress Xp *

i kinda like halter top n halter dress now
but it seems i don't have much chance to wear that yet

well i shall wear it for outting next time then Xp
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