Wednesday, October 15, 2008
- continued [..] -
i got myself a new mouse
a white one!


see a white mouse! Xp


nah i lied

it's actually my beloved silver aka pity mouse


i actually turn it into white just in a few days!
magic eh?
muahahahahahahahaha * laugh evilly*

no i lied again =.=

due to de silver paint on de mouse looks like it could be scrape off easily

so firstly i used my finger

but sooner or later i found out that this method is useless =.=
cause most of de paint couldn't be scrape off that easily

so i changed it to method no. 2

de ruler!

but in de end it failed pretty miserably as well =.=

so lastly i used this!

* muah * Xp

after awhile
my pity aka silver mouse finally became totally white in colour! Xp

omg i actually took de effort to make de whole thing white!

it's like what de fuck n totally lame hoho

* apparently i'm just too free Xp *

n NO! i'm not going to buy a new mouse..yet Xp
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