Friday, September 19, 2008
- new english name Xp -
alright i have a new english name now

Evelyn * nah got a lyn at de back happy now? =.= *

it's not too boyish yet not too girlish as well
so i think it should be alright

oh btw Evelyn has a few ways of pronunciation

it's either Eh-Va-Lin or Ee-Va-Lin or Ev-Uh-Lin or whatever-it-is =.=

well personally i prefer Eh-Va-Lin more
since Ee-Va-Lin sounds like evil-lin to me
* that's not good n for sure people will start to make fun of it =.= *

so now

come come repeat after me - EH-VA-LIN
* oh btw don't pronounce it ridiculously or else you'll get belasah from me ngek ngek *

next time if i go outstation with my brother i shall use this name
since people can't remember n pronounce(sometimes) chuilynn >.<
* it's like what de fuck =.= *

but what if Evelyn they also can't remember or pronounce it =.=
* then it WILL be like super what de fuck *

* yea yea i'm really rude now so? Xp *

but if i meet new friends what should i call myself ar? =.=
hmm~ i shall think think bout it
*confused* =.=

oh chiachia taught me this
" i'm chuilynn but you can call me evelyn as well "

good job chiachia good job! Xp

or maybe i should put like this
chuilynn aka Evelyn >.<

what if in de end people just call me chuilynn n ignore my konon-new-english-name? =.=
then it will be totally pointless getting an english name right? =.=
argh don't think don't think
just let it be Xp
chuilynn says at 10:49:00 PM
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