Tuesday, September 09, 2008
- english name -
hmm well as you all know that now i'm working for my brother right?
so now my brother gonna ask people to print some name cards for de executive director..director..consultant n etc etc. la
so i'm getting name card as well as a software developer

but ler now i'm thinking hor
should i get an english name as well ar?

as ms.moi named herself natalie n ms.foo named herself karen
n for ms.ong~
ngek ngek
nah i'm not gonna say it here since she don't really like her english name Xp
* n apparently i don't really remember it also =.= *

n hor chuilynn this name hor
not much people can really pronouce it nor remember my name (when i told them my name =.=)

so i was wondering should i get one as well?
if yes what english name should i get eh?

below were some english names that i thought of :-

Sherlyn? * cause my name got lynn ma so i thought maybe my english name should add lyn at de back as well =.= *

Cherlyn? * oh it pronouce as de same as Sherlyn =.= just de first alphabet different only *

Lynn? * nah it will be weird =.= *

Ashley? * Ashley Wong Chui Lynn..okay what..right? >.< *

Emily? * last time i like this name but now not really cause it sounds pretty girlish =.= *

Money =.= * this is what my brother called me =.= cause i love money n NO definitely i won't choose this!*

should i get or should i not?
which one is better?
or i should just stick to chuilynn?

can give me some suggestions n comments ar?
help me think help me think >.<

n please don't be ridiculous n think of those ridiculous names okay?
think of something that suits me it's important =.=
n i don't wish to change my english name in de future if i really decide to use that english name

so please help
pleasie please~ >.<

* 20 years old only think of english name..jadou =.=*
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