Wednesday, September 17, 2008
- de johor-s'pore-kl-working-trip (part II) -
yay part II is here


hmm let's see
i went klcc n timesquare ONLY
cause my brother's client office just beside klcc
so de only place i can go just klcc n timesquare

de rest too far lazy to go hahaha

for klcc i won't be able to buy anything there
as i told you there's BRANDED stuff there
SO BRANDED how to buy =.=

so i went timesquare(alone) n bought THIS~

so cute hor?
* though it's a pink monkey but don't be perasan ya moilingsim Xp *

for friends who know me well they should know that i HATE pink
but this time don't ask me why is this monkey pink in colour
i don't know why either =.=

well i guess simply because for this size de only colour available is pink
n for smaller version de colour available looks pretty ugly =.=

so i got de pink one
well it looks cute so i wouldn't mind la actually hoho

i went sunway pyramid as well
actually i like to shop in sunway pyramid cause there's TOO many shops for me to shop Xp
n sunway pyramid got this shop - Hello Planet
i like their stuff =3

n of cause i bought something from them as well


* don't ask me why cause again i don't know why is this happening either *

at first i wanna get a backpack (a white one)
but then white colour it will get dirty very easily so i chose this
but then de glitter just kept on falling =.=
not much difference also

then i guess that i need a cosmetics bag to put all my stuff when i travel
then i yau think that i need a smaller bag so that sometimes i wouldn't need to bring a big bag out

so ma like that lu

it was totally a coincidence Xp

n i bought a pants in timesquare too

n i was very very very tempted to buy de watch

but in de end i controlled myself
since i bought quite alots of stuff d
so i'll get it next month or next next month
i'll see how la =.=

that's all for my johor-s'pore-kl-working-trip post
yay yay~

* it's more like a shopping trip than a working trip =.= *
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