Saturday, September 13, 2008
- de johor-s'pore-kl-working-trip (part I) -
after de 30 hours famine thingy i follow my brother to johor for work
johor =.=
their shopping mall pretty nice also ler
quite alot stuff to sell
unfortunately i didn't get to shop much T.T
so sad

then me n my brother went s'pore
without GPS
we just downloaded a s'pore map (show only areas not roads =.=)
then we simply drive here n there
we still get to find my uncle's place
(a place named jurong n de road to my uncle's place was kinda =.= messy?)
then we went two shopping malls as well
unfortunately s'pore stuff was WAY TOO expensive to buy =.=
when you convert back to ringgit malaysia
if you want branded stuff malaysia also got
if you want some unique brand that malaysia don't have
de price can kill you wei~
one unknown brand's(to me) T-shirt cost 79 sing dollar
convert back to ringgit malaysia it's like RM180+ ler
=.= i buy roxy better la like that
window shopping better la =.=

in johor i didn't manage to take much pictures
while in s' much either =.=

these were de only thing i took pictures of in s'pore =.=

so lonely macam hor? Xp

i went to one shopping mall's cinema n saw these
haha so funny ma take pictures of them lo Xp

i realised s'pore really a safe place
those people can walk under de dark (really really dark n without street lights place) ALONE n SLOWLY =.=
really that peaceful ke?

my brother told me even if they commit crime they'll get caught anyway
since s'pore SO big =.=

ah~ s'pore is nice
if can stay there pun not bad boh~

but my brother said if you get to buy a HOUSE (take note it's house not condo/apartment unit)
then you must be VERY VERY rich

then i must try hard to be rich then get a house there n stay there!
leave malaysia yay~ Xp

next post it will be part II : what i bought in KL~

i went shopping again
* shopaholic *
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