Sunday, September 21, 2008
- de car -
yes de car is finally here
well it's not mine la
i declare it first
this car is not mine
it's more like a company car
but i'll be using it la k?

end of story Xp

oh what car is it eh?
Peugeot 206 by Naza Xp

it's locally assembled ger
but engine ar everything were import ger la

yay it's black it's black~
my favourite colour Xp

de interior

see baby monkey sitting beside me when i'm driving =3
so cute~ hahaha

didn't i tell you that i like this kinda solar doll alots?
haha but now i keep it back d
cause i don't wanna put this one

i wanna put this!
i already ordered this from Hello Planet
now just waiting for them to contact me only =3

black colour car should put some cool stuff ger ma right? Xp

this is de key =3

but unfortunately now de bear hilang d =(

so i replaced it with this

again de monkey =.=
but i think de beads n de ribbon are a little too girlish for me
so i removed it Xp


looks much better now Xp

oh why de monkey again huh?
that's de cutest keychain i saw in living cabin
so yea i just got this haha

but i still miss de old one =(
i wanted to buy de old one again but it cost me around 10bucks+
while this monkey is only 4bucks+ >.<

might change again if i find something way much cooler than this Xp
something black in colour maybe hoho
gold or silver is not bad either

* btw it had been removed by me cause i just don't really like it =.= *

but i might get back de gold colour one cause i really like that ler =.=

oh n i get this as well

de tissue box cover hoho

oh i can't sumbat de whole box in it
so i can only put de tissue in it (without de box)
but it still works Xp

de car always get dirty very easily
so i have to clean it always =.=

but nowadays rain everyday
so it gets dirty AGAIN =(

so susah-payah help her bath til so clean so pretty (yes apparently is a SHE Xp)
again rain made her dirty again
geram~ =.=

have to help her bath always
but i willing to Xp
* say only..will action ornot is another thing Xp *

lalala~ hehe
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