Wednesday, September 03, 2008
- =.= -
argh i've got too many stuff to blog bout
how ler?

hmm i'll just write n schedule it n let it slowly publish one by one la

so these are de coming up posts~

- 30 hours famine (with pictures)
- de johor-s'pore-kl-working-trip ( part I & II)
- de car
- de jusco incident

so far it's just this few posts la

so just wait la ya =)

oh btw
if you've realised * or if you've NOT realise *
i've create another blog in wordpress

that blog is mainly unhappy-emo-sad-disappointing-heart broken-deep thoughts or what-so-ever posts
n here would be non-emo-material posts

some of de post there might be password protected
as i don't want EVERYONE to read that

if you wanna read you can ask me for password * IF i want to let you read la *
or you can try to find out de password yourself
* who knows de password i set might be pretty easy to decode hoho *
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