Monday, September 08, 2008
- 30 hours famine (with pictures) -
phew finally i got de mood to blog =.=
always wanted to blog bout de stuff i mentioned on de last entry
but really super lazy =.=
alright here is it

de 30 hour famine

we (me puili jiayii n karjoe) didn't really take much pictures la
actually karjoe was de one who help us take picture most of time
i also didn't take picture with him =.=
jadou haha

alright so i reached there (some primary school which i forgot which school =.=) around 9am (i guess n again i forgot Xp)
so meet up with puili n jiayii n went to register n got our 30-hour-famine-T-shirt
it's yellow in colour =.=
material kinda nipis pun
* i shall wear it to sleep in de future Xp *

standing in front of de board
checking whether got other people leave message for them ornot Xp

oh this is a message board anyway

then had different events performances n games la
we (again me puili jiayii n karjoe) were being separated into different groups
had some really lame games =.=

these little kids were came from a orphanage
kesian them

jiayii me n puili =)

me n puili

saja nothing to do so just take pictures Xp

then Tate Chan (曾国辉) came n performed some of his new songs la

nah this is Tate Chan
de pic was really blur

go google search for Tate Chan la
got ger la Xp

his FANS~
fuiyoh so kuacheung wei
got banner somemore

so excited macam haha

yay yay~ me so boh liao go buy his CD n took picture with him muahahahaha
this one is from my phone
(apparently my kononnya 5 megapixel G900 wasn't that good afterall)

after that we had some kinda stations game la
run from one station to another so damn tiring =.=

then we had sketch competition as well
i jadi de narrator-director-half script writer Xp
n we're de first group to go on stage =.=
totally takda prepare at all
not even rehearsal once =.=

but we still managed to get de 3rd place Xp
so it's not bad muahahahahaha

finally after EVERYTHING end it's around 11pm already
some balik their room sleep la
some chit chat de whole night

as for me ( i don't have sleeping bag =.= yeah so i didn't really sleep la)
me puili jiayii n karjoe were at de main hall chit chat la
in de end puili n jiayii K.O n went to sleep
so me n karjoe continue chit chat
then i slept for awhile la (on de chair) =.=

you tell me how to totally fall asleep
sleep on de chair n de weather was like so damn cold =.=

oh yea n a bunch of guys came n insist of taking my picture =.=
n for sure i don't let them take la
* i already cukup "chan" ger la still wanna take my picture >.< *

so in de end that's de only picture they managed to take
lalala ~ Xp

de next morning

but look so "chan" =.=
that's before we start off from ipoh to kl

roughly 11am or 12pm we reached bukit jalil's hockey stadium
all of us get to sit la but if you wanna stand in front de stage
just go ahead no one will stop you Xp

that's why you'll see SO many people standing there
so bersemangat =.=

cheerleading performance
malaysia number one ( i guess ) =.=

then don't know who's turn to perform
suddenly rain wo =.=
pretty heavy somemore

those people really bersemangat lo
rain also continue stay there =.=

then some kinda open ceremony thingy la

de balloon release thing

wah~ =.=

last but not least
de 30 hour famine's Ambassador 2008 Micheal Wong came n perform

actually i felt de whole 30 hour famine thingy
erm it's pretty nice la
well no matter what events i only like de last part
cause it's de most touching one

there's one part i like de most
where they sang de 30 hour famine theme song
then all of us did de hand n body language dance together while they sing de song
ah that part nice ler
if you're not there you couldn't feel that kinda feeling ger lo

well it's worth to join la to me

next year will i join de 30 hour famine thingy again?

erm i'll think bout it Xp
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