Sunday, September 28, 2008
- kena tagged again =.= -
Random Meme

this time kena tagged by Angeline =.=
apasal lu tag me
i dah update VERY frequently jor =.=

suen suen alright here it goes then

[[ * Part I * ]]

Are you allowed to have a bf/gf?
- they SAID no(not exactly no la they said better don't)..but i don't care lalala~ Xp

Describe yourself in one word.
- weirdo? =.=

Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
- can i have both? =.= * i guess not *
well if i had to choose it would be someone who really loves me

Have you ever loved someone BEFORE but never had the courage to tell him/her?
- nope cause i'll always hint them Xp

Does it feel good to love?
- yea i guess =.=

What's the best thing to do with the one you love?
- hold hands n go dating i guess

What will you say to someone who doesn't want to believe you?
- whatever~

Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
- always

What's your opinion about someone who's jealous?
- you being jealous cause you're not good enough

What would you say to playboys/playgirls?
- lalala~ let's play then Xp

[[ * Part II * ]]

Best place to cry?
- my own room of cause * takkan you wanna cry in de public mer? =.= *

Who do you love the most?
- myself for now

Tell us about your dream last night?
- i takda dream wo last night

Ever hated someone so bad?
- nope i never really hated someone until i wanna kill him/her ler =.=

The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
- * i can't recall any of it *

[[ * The last person.. * ]]

you had a beer with?
- i don't drink beer =.= * i only drink wine *

you went to the movies with?
- myself =.=

you talked on the cell phone with?
- my dad through intercom

you hugged?
- someone =.=

you yelled at?
- my brother i guess =.=

[[ * In the last week have you.. * ]]

Kissed someone?
- hmm~ *nod* =.= why this tag thingy so ge-po ger

Danced crazy?
- i won't do things that will embarrass myself

Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry?
- don't wanna mention bout it * in fact that i forgot what happened =.= *

If you could do anything OR wish anything, what would it be?
- quit my job..sleep n do absolutely nothing at home =.=
oh yea n go for shopping spree with endless money

If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
- japan paris hongkong newyork australia korea etc etc. Xp

Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?
- nope i guess * since i'm such a nice person =3 *

Are you old fashioned?
- okie okie la not really ler

What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
- to tell someone that i do not love them back

What thing would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
- shopping

5 Facts About Me:
- eyes small small =.=
- not cute not pretty
- friendly
- talkative (at times)
- bad-tempered (at times but trying to cut down de number of times jor >.< )

5 Things that Scares Me:
- people who drive REALLY REALLY fast n dangerous >.< * when i'm sitting next to de driver *
- motorcyclist on de road * they're like so scary lo =.=" *
- injections * i hate needles *
- creatures that intend to bite me =.=
- to see my weight keeps on increasing >.< * this is so so SOOO scary *

7 Songs Playing in My Head Lately:
- Because of you - Kelly Clarkson
- Take a bow - Rihanna
- I'm yours - Jason Mraz
- Love Song - Sara Bareilles
- Your Call - Secondhand Serenade
- Bye Bye - Mariah Carey
- Empty - The Click Five

7 Words/Things I Always Use (i have more than 7 Xp):
- damn
- what de fuck
- jadou
- swt
- aiks
- aiseh
- orh
- =.=
- shit
- fuck
- "nei zhou meh yeh" (in a angry/doubt way when i'm driving)
* my goodness i got lots more =.= *

nah Angeline i did this on 24th of September gar!
i early early do jor gar
don't say me takda do ar Xp

just simply LOVE schedule post this function Xp
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Saturday, September 27, 2008
- suddenly -

is this called bad luck or what?
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Friday, September 26, 2008
- byebye -
byebye car

i'll miss you

i'll see you again in three weeks =(

* don't ask unless i wanna tell you *
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Thursday, September 25, 2008
- de jusco incident -
so there's one day i went jusco supermart to visit chiachia (as she's working there that time)

then suddenly

jusco supermart itself raining inside Xp

busy busy cleaning (or should i say SUCKING) de water Xp

they even use those to collect de water

actually you can't see de "waterfall" in de picture
but just let you all see there's something like that happened in jusco la haha

outside raining inside pun raining
jadou Xp
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Sunday, September 21, 2008
- title-less -

not name =.=

bagi lu all jadou
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yes de car is finally here
well it's not mine la
i declare it first
this car is not mine
it's more like a company car
but i'll be using it la k?

end of story Xp

oh what car is it eh?
Peugeot 206 by Naza Xp

it's locally assembled ger
but engine ar everything were import ger la

yay it's black it's black~
my favourite colour Xp

de interior

see baby monkey sitting beside me when i'm driving =3
so cute~ hahaha

didn't i tell you that i like this kinda solar doll alots?
haha but now i keep it back d
cause i don't wanna put this one

i wanna put this!
i already ordered this from Hello Planet
now just waiting for them to contact me only =3

black colour car should put some cool stuff ger ma right? Xp

this is de key =3

but unfortunately now de bear hilang d =(

so i replaced it with this

again de monkey =.=
but i think de beads n de ribbon are a little too girlish for me
so i removed it Xp


looks much better now Xp

oh why de monkey again huh?
that's de cutest keychain i saw in living cabin
so yea i just got this haha

but i still miss de old one =(
i wanted to buy de old one again but it cost me around 10bucks+
while this monkey is only 4bucks+ >.<

might change again if i find something way much cooler than this Xp
something black in colour maybe hoho
gold or silver is not bad either

* btw it had been removed by me cause i just don't really like it =.= *

but i might get back de gold colour one cause i really like that ler =.=

oh n i get this as well

de tissue box cover hoho

oh i can't sumbat de whole box in it
so i can only put de tissue in it (without de box)
but it still works Xp

de car always get dirty very easily
so i have to clean it always =.=

but nowadays rain everyday
so it gets dirty AGAIN =(

so susah-payah help her bath til so clean so pretty (yes apparently is a SHE Xp)
again rain made her dirty again
geram~ =.=

have to help her bath always
but i willing to Xp
* say only..will action ornot is another thing Xp *

lalala~ hehe
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Friday, September 19, 2008
- new english name Xp -
alright i have a new english name now

Evelyn * nah got a lyn at de back happy now? =.= *

it's not too boyish yet not too girlish as well
so i think it should be alright

oh btw Evelyn has a few ways of pronunciation

it's either Eh-Va-Lin or Ee-Va-Lin or Ev-Uh-Lin or whatever-it-is =.=

well personally i prefer Eh-Va-Lin more
since Ee-Va-Lin sounds like evil-lin to me
* that's not good n for sure people will start to make fun of it =.= *

so now

come come repeat after me - EH-VA-LIN
* oh btw don't pronounce it ridiculously or else you'll get belasah from me ngek ngek *

next time if i go outstation with my brother i shall use this name
since people can't remember n pronounce(sometimes) chuilynn >.<
* it's like what de fuck =.= *

but what if Evelyn they also can't remember or pronounce it =.=
* then it WILL be like super what de fuck *

* yea yea i'm really rude now so? Xp *

but if i meet new friends what should i call myself ar? =.=
hmm~ i shall think think bout it
*confused* =.=

oh chiachia taught me this
" i'm chuilynn but you can call me evelyn as well "

good job chiachia good job! Xp

or maybe i should put like this
chuilynn aka Evelyn >.<

what if in de end people just call me chuilynn n ignore my konon-new-english-name? =.=
then it will be totally pointless getting an english name right? =.=
argh don't think don't think
just let it be Xp
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
- de johor-s'pore-kl-working-trip (part II) -
yay part II is here


hmm let's see
i went klcc n timesquare ONLY
cause my brother's client office just beside klcc
so de only place i can go just klcc n timesquare

de rest too far lazy to go hahaha

for klcc i won't be able to buy anything there
as i told you there's BRANDED stuff there
SO BRANDED how to buy =.=

so i went timesquare(alone) n bought THIS~

so cute hor?
* though it's a pink monkey but don't be perasan ya moilingsim Xp *

for friends who know me well they should know that i HATE pink
but this time don't ask me why is this monkey pink in colour
i don't know why either =.=

well i guess simply because for this size de only colour available is pink
n for smaller version de colour available looks pretty ugly =.=

so i got de pink one
well it looks cute so i wouldn't mind la actually hoho

i went sunway pyramid as well
actually i like to shop in sunway pyramid cause there's TOO many shops for me to shop Xp
n sunway pyramid got this shop - Hello Planet
i like their stuff =3

n of cause i bought something from them as well


* don't ask me why cause again i don't know why is this happening either *

at first i wanna get a backpack (a white one)
but then white colour it will get dirty very easily so i chose this
but then de glitter just kept on falling =.=
not much difference also

then i guess that i need a cosmetics bag to put all my stuff when i travel
then i yau think that i need a smaller bag so that sometimes i wouldn't need to bring a big bag out

so ma like that lu

it was totally a coincidence Xp

n i bought a pants in timesquare too

n i was very very very tempted to buy de watch

but in de end i controlled myself
since i bought quite alots of stuff d
so i'll get it next month or next next month
i'll see how la =.=

that's all for my johor-s'pore-kl-working-trip post
yay yay~

* it's more like a shopping trip than a working trip =.= *
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Saturday, September 13, 2008
- de johor-s'pore-kl-working-trip (part I) -
after de 30 hours famine thingy i follow my brother to johor for work
johor =.=
their shopping mall pretty nice also ler
quite alot stuff to sell
unfortunately i didn't get to shop much T.T
so sad

then me n my brother went s'pore
without GPS
we just downloaded a s'pore map (show only areas not roads =.=)
then we simply drive here n there
we still get to find my uncle's place
(a place named jurong n de road to my uncle's place was kinda =.= messy?)
then we went two shopping malls as well
unfortunately s'pore stuff was WAY TOO expensive to buy =.=
when you convert back to ringgit malaysia
if you want branded stuff malaysia also got
if you want some unique brand that malaysia don't have
de price can kill you wei~
one unknown brand's(to me) T-shirt cost 79 sing dollar
convert back to ringgit malaysia it's like RM180+ ler
=.= i buy roxy better la like that
window shopping better la =.=

in johor i didn't manage to take much pictures
while in s' much either =.=

these were de only thing i took pictures of in s'pore =.=

so lonely macam hor? Xp

i went to one shopping mall's cinema n saw these
haha so funny ma take pictures of them lo Xp

i realised s'pore really a safe place
those people can walk under de dark (really really dark n without street lights place) ALONE n SLOWLY =.=
really that peaceful ke?

my brother told me even if they commit crime they'll get caught anyway
since s'pore SO big =.=

ah~ s'pore is nice
if can stay there pun not bad boh~

but my brother said if you get to buy a HOUSE (take note it's house not condo/apartment unit)
then you must be VERY VERY rich

then i must try hard to be rich then get a house there n stay there!
leave malaysia yay~ Xp

next post it will be part II : what i bought in KL~

i went shopping again
* shopaholic *
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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
- english name -
hmm well as you all know that now i'm working for my brother right?
so now my brother gonna ask people to print some name cards for de executive director..director..consultant n etc etc. la
so i'm getting name card as well as a software developer

but ler now i'm thinking hor
should i get an english name as well ar?

as named herself natalie n named herself karen
n for
ngek ngek
nah i'm not gonna say it here since she don't really like her english name Xp
* n apparently i don't really remember it also =.= *

n hor chuilynn this name hor
not much people can really pronouce it nor remember my name (when i told them my name =.=)

so i was wondering should i get one as well?
if yes what english name should i get eh?

below were some english names that i thought of :-

Sherlyn? * cause my name got lynn ma so i thought maybe my english name should add lyn at de back as well =.= *

Cherlyn? * oh it pronouce as de same as Sherlyn =.= just de first alphabet different only *

Lynn? * nah it will be weird =.= *

Ashley? * Ashley Wong Chui Lynn..okay what..right? >.< *

Emily? * last time i like this name but now not really cause it sounds pretty girlish =.= *

Money =.= * this is what my brother called me =.= cause i love money n NO definitely i won't choose this!*

should i get or should i not?
which one is better?
or i should just stick to chuilynn?

can give me some suggestions n comments ar?
help me think help me think >.<

n please don't be ridiculous n think of those ridiculous names okay?
think of something that suits me it's important =.=
n i don't wish to change my english name in de future if i really decide to use that english name

so please help
pleasie please~ >.<

* 20 years old only think of english name..jadou =.=*
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Monday, September 08, 2008
- 30 hours famine (with pictures) -
phew finally i got de mood to blog =.=
always wanted to blog bout de stuff i mentioned on de last entry
but really super lazy =.=
alright here is it

de 30 hour famine

we (me puili jiayii n karjoe) didn't really take much pictures la
actually karjoe was de one who help us take picture most of time
i also didn't take picture with him =.=
jadou haha

alright so i reached there (some primary school which i forgot which school =.=) around 9am (i guess n again i forgot Xp)
so meet up with puili n jiayii n went to register n got our 30-hour-famine-T-shirt
it's yellow in colour =.=
material kinda nipis pun
* i shall wear it to sleep in de future Xp *

standing in front of de board
checking whether got other people leave message for them ornot Xp

oh this is a message board anyway

then had different events performances n games la
we (again me puili jiayii n karjoe) were being separated into different groups
had some really lame games =.=

these little kids were came from a orphanage
kesian them

jiayii me n puili =)

me n puili

saja nothing to do so just take pictures Xp

then Tate Chan (曾国辉) came n performed some of his new songs la

nah this is Tate Chan
de pic was really blur

go google search for Tate Chan la
got ger la Xp

his FANS~
fuiyoh so kuacheung wei
got banner somemore

so excited macam haha

yay yay~ me so boh liao go buy his CD n took picture with him muahahahaha
this one is from my phone
(apparently my kononnya 5 megapixel G900 wasn't that good afterall)

after that we had some kinda stations game la
run from one station to another so damn tiring =.=

then we had sketch competition as well
i jadi de narrator-director-half script writer Xp
n we're de first group to go on stage =.=
totally takda prepare at all
not even rehearsal once =.=

but we still managed to get de 3rd place Xp
so it's not bad muahahahahaha

finally after EVERYTHING end it's around 11pm already
some balik their room sleep la
some chit chat de whole night

as for me ( i don't have sleeping bag =.= yeah so i didn't really sleep la)
me puili jiayii n karjoe were at de main hall chit chat la
in de end puili n jiayii K.O n went to sleep
so me n karjoe continue chit chat
then i slept for awhile la (on de chair) =.=

you tell me how to totally fall asleep
sleep on de chair n de weather was like so damn cold =.=

oh yea n a bunch of guys came n insist of taking my picture =.=
n for sure i don't let them take la
* i already cukup "chan" ger la still wanna take my picture >.< *

so in de end that's de only picture they managed to take
lalala ~ Xp

de next morning

but look so "chan" =.=
that's before we start off from ipoh to kl

roughly 11am or 12pm we reached bukit jalil's hockey stadium
all of us get to sit la but if you wanna stand in front de stage
just go ahead no one will stop you Xp

that's why you'll see SO many people standing there
so bersemangat =.=

cheerleading performance
malaysia number one ( i guess ) =.=

then don't know who's turn to perform
suddenly rain wo =.=
pretty heavy somemore

those people really bersemangat lo
rain also continue stay there =.=

then some kinda open ceremony thingy la

de balloon release thing

wah~ =.=

last but not least
de 30 hour famine's Ambassador 2008 Micheal Wong came n perform

actually i felt de whole 30 hour famine thingy
erm it's pretty nice la
well no matter what events i only like de last part
cause it's de most touching one

there's one part i like de most
where they sang de 30 hour famine theme song
then all of us did de hand n body language dance together while they sing de song
ah that part nice ler
if you're not there you couldn't feel that kinda feeling ger lo

well it's worth to join la to me

next year will i join de 30 hour famine thingy again?

erm i'll think bout it Xp
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008
- =.= -
argh i've got too many stuff to blog bout
how ler?

hmm i'll just write n schedule it n let it slowly publish one by one la

so these are de coming up posts~

- 30 hours famine (with pictures)
- de johor-s'pore-kl-working-trip ( part I & II)
- de car
- de jusco incident

so far it's just this few posts la

so just wait la ya =)

oh btw
if you've realised * or if you've NOT realise *
i've create another blog in wordpress

that blog is mainly unhappy-emo-sad-disappointing-heart broken-deep thoughts or what-so-ever posts
n here would be non-emo-material posts

some of de post there might be password protected
as i don't want EVERYONE to read that

if you wanna read you can ask me for password * IF i want to let you read la *
or you can try to find out de password yourself
* who knows de password i set might be pretty easy to decode hoho *
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
- 19 turning 20 -
happy birthday to myself =)

this year my wish would be


just stay happy always

then it's enough d =)

happy birthday chuilynn =)
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