Saturday, August 09, 2008
- yay =3 -
finally i drove myself out to jusco..
night time! Xp

er when i go jusco not really night time yet la
it's around 7p.m la
de sky still bright hehe

but i never drive to jusco before
so i had a really hard time to decide whether i wanna drive out ornot

in de end i just like : "don't care la! sei jao sei la" Xp

normally saturday jusco parking sure full ger
so i straight away go roof n parked there
well i don't really mind if de place i park is far away from de place i'm going
as long as it's easy to park then it's okie Xp

oh so i went to jusco supermart to find chiayin n wait for her to finish work
then after that we went to de yumcha place behind jusco
yumcha-ed with sengfoo lingsim kokseng n chiayin

after that i drove myself home la
of cause i reached home safely!
still in one piece lalala~ Xp
or else i wouldn't be here blogging la right? Xp

n i told my daddy bout it
he doesn't sound angry * though he said yau mou kao chor ar at first =.= *
he won't scold me gua when he comes home?
hopefully * pray hard *

oh yea n hor while i'm waiting for chiayin to collect her stuff i saw this scene
a bunch of police officers were like catching a woman in jusco supermart
then one of de lady officer put a handcuff on that woman
i think that woman stole something or anything la
lots of people watching pun Xp

oh btw sorry chiachia it's not that i don't wanna fetch you home
i don't dare la
i really can't afford if anything happen =.=
sorry ya

n thanks ya lingsim for de cupcakes
so MUCH icing boh
hahaha swt~
though thank you jor just now but not sure you hear it ornot
so thanks again! haha
it will be my lunch tomorrow =)

haha so i purposely blog bout my driving today
what wo~ people noobie in driving ma

now i really think that driving is fun~ Xp
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