Thursday, August 28, 2008
- two movies in a day -
yes it's just like de title said
got to watch two movies in one day at klcc today

watched wall-e with my brother in de afternoon
last time when i watch de preview wall-e seems pretty boring to me
surprisingly it's pretty funny n cute as well haha

then i watched you don't mess with de zohan at 0930pm
haha cause i don't wanna be kacau my brother n his gf date Xp
btw this movie was de most lame & dumb & disgusting & geli movie i ever watched so far
i just kept on : oh my god..what de‭ f*ck..n eww throughout de whole movie

but it's pretty funny la
just a little bit over la haha

now i'm on my way home(aunt's home)
tiring day Xp
chuilynn says at 11:30:00 PM
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