Wednesday, August 13, 2008
- iRiver Mickey Mouse MP3 Player -
yes yes
normally i'll use my handphone to listen to mp3
but then since my beloved sony ericsson k750i's earphone was..
erm..kinda like putus d =.=

so now whenever i'm on de road (trips) i couldn't listen to mp3s cause no earphone
n i'm too lazy to get a new one =.=

oh oh
n when i go for a jog if there's no music accompany me
it would be boring =.=
but takkan i bring de phone with me when i'm jogging eh?
what if i accidentally drop my phone while i'm jogging?! =.=
* i know how careless i could be at times *

anyway there's one day i saw this cute mp3 in sunway pyramid
n i knew that i'll buy her from de first sight i saw her( de mp3 )
* being a shopaholic AGAIN Xp *
mana tau moilingsim bought it before i did

oh btw this is de mp3 player i wanna buy =)

iRiver Mickey Mouse Mp3 Player

there's 5 colours available
black blue silver pink n white

hmm i think i'll either go for de black / de silver / de white one =)
* definitely not de pink one! =.= *

so which one is better?

de black one?

de silver one?

or de white one? =)

well it's not that i love mickey mouse that much
it's just that it looks cute n it could be use as accessories too =3
it's not as long as ipod or whatever mp3 they're having now in de market now
n it's just about a pingpong ball size
that's not bad right?

ah~ seems like i'm wasting money again =.=
but don't care
i'll use my own money =)

btw this is a scheduled post (bout a few weeks ago)..meaning that i'm not copying moilingsim k? Xp

oh yea i asked moilingsim to help me to buy this mp3
since her college got people selling this
* i wonder how come those people so free sell this kinda things in college eh? =.= *

anyway most probably i'll get it on september =)
n i ordered a white one =)
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