Tuesday, August 05, 2008
- i want i want =D -
Sony Ericsson W960i

i want i want!
damn it i want this damn phone!
* okay okay calm down calm down =.= *

actually i kinda aimed for this phone quite some time ago
but when i went online n search de price for this phone
that time de price still kinda high
around rm2.5 - 3k like that

n that time i gave up de thought of getting this phone
but now price dropped d!

but recently i went to de sony ericsson shop near tesco there
it's around rm2k now (for ori)
but then i think AP will be much cheaper than that
online there stated rm1870 - 1950 for ori n rm 1455 - 1535 for AP

ah~ i want this phone!

8GB built-in memory wei~
noneed to use any external memory card
3.2 megapixel with photo light
n de most important thing is this phone got auto focus! * YES! *
some of de sony ericsson phone i like don't have auto focus n it's such a waste

but this phone got almost everything i like
or should i say it got EVERYTHING i want in a phone

Walkman player..3G connectivity..Wifi n it has touch screen as well!

i decided to save up money to buy this phone!

n yeah i'm so gonna let my parents n brother scold for wasting money to buy new phone
they sure nag me one
got o2 still not enough yet still wanna buy a new one =.=

yes o2 is not bad but i like this phone even more! =.=
plus actually o2 is good only when i use it for online purpose
it's quite mafan actually using o2 to make a phone call
especially when i wanna make an urgent phone call that time lagi mafan =.=

but then when i told my daddy bout my plan of getting a new phone
he asked me why buy so expensive phone n he's like kinda unhappy like that =.=
then when i asked my brother he say tak boleh =.=

oh but then my daddy is nice afterall
when he found out bout de ocbc bank card holder buy phone will be a little bit cheaper
u know de monthly installment method

so he kept de brochure for me to see~
* oh well i did saw a phone that was quite not bad..will update bout it later =) *

aww =3 means he agreed on my plan of buying this phone also la right?
sort of i think =) whee~
my daddy is nice n very de sayang me afterall *muah*

n i kinda got approvals from my daddy mommy n gohgoh for buying this phone

well no matter what i'll try to get this phone at de end of this year =)
using my own money of course =.=
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