Friday, August 22, 2008
- finally -
finally i couldn't tahan of de ke-mafan-ness of de o2
so i bought this

tadaa~ Xp

yes it's de Sony Ericsson G900 yay~

i really wanted to buy de W960i
trust me~
but hor
de stylus was really cacat
got de really plastic feel =.=

* oh basically de whole stylus was made by those really cheap n low quality plastic =.= *

it seems like it's gonna break into half anytime
de phone is really nice~
but de stylus is so not nice =.=

so in de end i chose G900

well it's not bad
n i'm pretty satisfied with it =)

yay yay~
new phone! Xp

yes ar yes ar i bought a NEW phone
lalala~ Xp
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