Saturday, August 16, 2008
- de making of kuih talam Xp -
come come
chuilynn teach you how to make kuih talam ar~ Xp
hahaha swt~
oh btw no ingredients will be list here cause i pun don't know what ingredients my mom use
* except for de main ingredients * Xp

for de green aka pandan aka sweet layer
* which i like =3 *

first we used some "pandan juice" ( from pandan leaves ) * i guess *
mix with santan * i guess again *
then we stir it in a pot which placed on de boiling water

stir stir stir
kept on stirring it

stir until it looks like this
* which i think it's kinda geli looking =.= *

then we steam it!

for de white aka salty layer
* which i don't like =.= *

while de green layer is being "steamed" ~
it's de salty layer's turn now

we just do like what we did for de green layer
de steps were de same anyway =.=

stir n stir

after don't know how many minutes =.=

yeah yeah de green layer!
looks like jelly eh? haha

then now we "sapu" aka fill de salty part on de green-jelly layer

n now
STEAM again!
* but don't know for how many minutes again =.= *

n this is our final product
* forget to take de picture of it when it's in one piece one piece =.= *

kuih talam! yummy! =3

however i only eat de green layer
cause i think de salty layer is weird =.=
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