Wednesday, August 20, 2008
- busy days in kl =.= -
last week i've been in kl for almost a week
reached kl on tuesday night
first two days (tuesday n wednesday) i spent my whole day working on de project that my brother asked me to do
thursday n friday's stuff were de main purpose for me going to kl
thursday was my cousin sis's wedding photos shooting day
so she said she wants me to help out abit
* like jaga stuff while she taking out when she change de wedding dress n stuff *
but i was abit useless there la cause basically there's nothing much for me to help out =.=
she took her wedding photos in putrajaya's shangri-la hotel
fuiyoh really very nice ler de place
i managed to take some photos of de hotel n de process of de photo shooting

photo shooting in progress

yes only this few pictures
cause they stopped me from taking pictures
saying that de lighting from my camera * actually it's my auntie's camera Xp *
will affect their photos wo
pahpei =.=

so i don't take them i take other stuffs
i took some pictures of de hotel

de cafeteria - kinda like buffet style

another cafeteria i guess =.=

chess anyone? =)
oh so you can play chess here when you're bored! Xp

de swimming pool~
ah de water so nice n clear
feel like swimming at that moment but too bad =.=
i've got stuffs to hold (carrying their stuff)

de view

oh they have spa boutique as well

n underground gym but sorry no photos Xp

those were hotel rooms balcony
quite nice pun Xp

de room!

oh i mean de bed! Xp
cause i only take de picture of de bed hehe

ah so sweet of them (hotel people)
knowing them gonna get married so they decorate de room like honeymoon style Xp

that's all of de pictures
too bad i didn't get to take more pictures of de hotel
regret! >.<
ah then de next day (friday) we went to this designer's place (specialized on wedding gowns)
my cousin sis wanna make me a bridemaid dress
de total of de dress - 550bucks =.=
most of de money goes to de cloth (chiffon)
he said need a few layers
but so expensive i also like kinda paiseh la =.=
it's a really simple design dress
oh no picture for that btw Xp

oh! n hor
on last saturday i went to pavilion with my brother n his girlfriend before we back to ipoh
so we had lunch at this-kononnyaz-got-branches-all-over-de-world restaurant
de total bill was 190+ bucks for three person
n de food wasn't that nice n not really worth for that price
but well this is kl so i can't say much pun =.=

n i saw a roxy purse *again*
it's white in colour
ah~ so nice so pretty =3

it costs 99bucks
i wanted to buy
in de end i didn't buy it =.=

okay end of de kl "trip"
trip kononnyaz~ Xp
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