Friday, August 29, 2008
- aimlessly hanging around *updated* -
people just love to go starbucks huh?
everytime when i see a starbucks cafe it forever will be peoples sitting there enjoying their teas or coffees or whatever it is
even now i'm sitting at one of de starbucks in klcc
online-in =.=

not a huge fan of starbucks but that's de only place i can sit down to online n have power supply for my laptop

normally i'll order mint blend(hot tea) instead of ice blended coffee or apa-apa la
tea can help me digest Xp

coming to starbucks it's beacuse i got influenced by my brother i guess
he used to sit here n do his work all de time (whenever his gf or me or both lepak-in around de mall Xp )

as for me klcc i always also lepak ger la
nothing much to buy here
as in SO BRANDED la de stuff here
burberry coach louis vuitton tous etc etc.

so expensive..definitely not a place for me to shop

de only place i can go shop here is watson =.=
jadou hahaha

so i rather have a sit at starbucks here online instead of carrying de laptop around walking aimlessly =.=

why am i writing this post again?

oh just simply cause of i'm too bored =.=

* perhaps i should have be doing some programming work =.= *

- update -

oh so while i'm sitting here waiting for time to pass
i was online-in while listening to music as well la

then suddenly got this fella came n says he was from don't know what government n he show me his pass
i saw a word charity from de documents that he was about going to show me

i doesn't really wanna care bout it ger
as in i'm having this "what do you want" expression/face

just de moment he wanna show me those documents
my savior(a starbucks staff) came out
saying that he's not allow to come in here n please leave *so man macam Xp n yes it's a he haha*

my goodness
i can see those two punya expression lo
stare at each other

then in de end that guy had no choice but leave

hmm why that guy came to me ar?

because i'm sitting alone?

because i'm chinese? (as most of them were mat salleh)

or simply because i look naive enough to listen to what he say? =.=

or is it all of de above? =.=
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