Sunday, August 24, 2008
- 30 hour famine -
guess where am i at this very moment
haha i'm in kl stadium bukit jalil attending this 30 hour famine thingy
yes we starve ourselves for 30 hours
but we're not doing this for nothing of course
we did it for charity hoho
now daniel lee is performing
but i'm not a fan of his
so i rather write this post than cheer for him =.="
yes i'm mean so? Xp
n this very moment it's raining as well
got lightning n pretty heavy somemore but those people still standing there under de rain n cheer for their idols
*salute* >.<
i took some pictures of this whole 30 hour famine event
will blog bout it later

was wondering how i write this post while i'm still in this stadium bukit jalil?
thanks to my precious G900 hoho
was using it to blog
oh n of course thanks to maxis 3g unlimited package as well
i'm happily blogging right now hoho

ah daniel lee just finished his performance
now it's Tate Chen's turn to perform
ah i bought his ep n took picture with him as well
haha so bohliao Xp
but his songs were not bad either
all de pictures i will blog later la

off me go to cheer for Tate Chan (曾国辉 <-- bananas won't know how to read this Xp) now whee tata Xp
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