Friday, August 29, 2008
- aimlessly hanging around *updated* -
people just love to go starbucks huh?
everytime when i see a starbucks cafe it forever will be peoples sitting there enjoying their teas or coffees or whatever it is
even now i'm sitting at one of de starbucks in klcc
online-in =.=

not a huge fan of starbucks but that's de only place i can sit down to online n have power supply for my laptop

normally i'll order mint blend(hot tea) instead of ice blended coffee or apa-apa la
tea can help me digest Xp

coming to starbucks it's beacuse i got influenced by my brother i guess
he used to sit here n do his work all de time (whenever his gf or me or both lepak-in around de mall Xp )

as for me klcc i always also lepak ger la
nothing much to buy here
as in SO BRANDED la de stuff here
burberry coach louis vuitton tous etc etc.

so expensive..definitely not a place for me to shop

de only place i can go shop here is watson =.=
jadou hahaha

so i rather have a sit at starbucks here online instead of carrying de laptop around walking aimlessly =.=

why am i writing this post again?

oh just simply cause of i'm too bored =.=

* perhaps i should have be doing some programming work =.= *

- update -

oh so while i'm sitting here waiting for time to pass
i was online-in while listening to music as well la

then suddenly got this fella came n says he was from don't know what government n he show me his pass
i saw a word charity from de documents that he was about going to show me

i doesn't really wanna care bout it ger
as in i'm having this "what do you want" expression/face

just de moment he wanna show me those documents
my savior(a starbucks staff) came out
saying that he's not allow to come in here n please leave *so man macam Xp n yes it's a he haha*

my goodness
i can see those two punya expression lo
stare at each other

then in de end that guy had no choice but leave

hmm why that guy came to me ar?

because i'm sitting alone?

because i'm chinese? (as most of them were mat salleh)

or simply because i look naive enough to listen to what he say? =.=

or is it all of de above? =.=
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ignore de ugly feet =.=

pedicure was fun~Xp
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Thursday, August 28, 2008
- two movies in a day -
yes it's just like de title said
got to watch two movies in one day at klcc today

watched wall-e with my brother in de afternoon
last time when i watch de preview wall-e seems pretty boring to me
surprisingly it's pretty funny n cute as well haha

then i watched you don't mess with de zohan at 0930pm
haha cause i don't wanna be kacau my brother n his gf date Xp
btw this movie was de most lame & dumb & disgusting & geli movie i ever watched so far
i just kept on : oh my god..what de‭ f*ck..n eww throughout de whole movie

but it's pretty funny la
just a little bit over la haha

now i'm on my way home(aunt's home)
tiring day Xp
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
- window shopping is suffering! =.= -
i LOVE shopping
but i HATE window shopping!
can see cannot buy
it's suffering! >.<

freaking nice hor??
n i think it suit me pretty well too =3

actually this watch existed quite long time d
since last time i also kinda like this watch d

freaking nice! but price also freaking nice as well =.=
430bucks for this baby

why all de stuff i like or i want also that expensive ger?

damn >.<
should i buy?

my heart : " buy buy buy! "

okay i listen to my heart then Xp
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Sunday, August 24, 2008
- 30 hour famine -
guess where am i at this very moment
haha i'm in kl stadium bukit jalil attending this 30 hour famine thingy
yes we starve ourselves for 30 hours
but we're not doing this for nothing of course
we did it for charity hoho
now daniel lee is performing
but i'm not a fan of his
so i rather write this post than cheer for him =.="
yes i'm mean so? Xp
n this very moment it's raining as well
got lightning n pretty heavy somemore but those people still standing there under de rain n cheer for their idols
*salute* >.<
i took some pictures of this whole 30 hour famine event
will blog bout it later

was wondering how i write this post while i'm still in this stadium bukit jalil?
thanks to my precious G900 hoho
was using it to blog
oh n of course thanks to maxis 3g unlimited package as well
i'm happily blogging right now hoho

ah daniel lee just finished his performance
now it's Tate Chen's turn to perform
ah i bought his ep n took picture with him as well
haha so bohliao Xp
but his songs were not bad either
all de pictures i will blog later la

off me go to cheer for Tate Chan (曾国辉 <-- bananas won't know how to read this Xp) now whee tata Xp
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Friday, August 22, 2008
- finally -
finally i couldn't tahan of de ke-mafan-ness of de o2
so i bought this

tadaa~ Xp

yes it's de Sony Ericsson G900 yay~

i really wanted to buy de W960i
trust me~
but hor
de stylus was really cacat
got de really plastic feel =.=

* oh basically de whole stylus was made by those really cheap n low quality plastic =.= *

it seems like it's gonna break into half anytime
de phone is really nice~
but de stylus is so not nice =.=

so in de end i chose G900

well it's not bad
n i'm pretty satisfied with it =)

yay yay~
new phone! Xp

yes ar yes ar i bought a NEW phone
lalala~ Xp
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
- busy days in kl =.= -
last week i've been in kl for almost a week
reached kl on tuesday night
first two days (tuesday n wednesday) i spent my whole day working on de project that my brother asked me to do
thursday n friday's stuff were de main purpose for me going to kl
thursday was my cousin sis's wedding photos shooting day
so she said she wants me to help out abit
* like jaga stuff while she taking out when she change de wedding dress n stuff *
but i was abit useless there la cause basically there's nothing much for me to help out =.=
she took her wedding photos in putrajaya's shangri-la hotel
fuiyoh really very nice ler de place
i managed to take some photos of de hotel n de process of de photo shooting

photo shooting in progress

yes only this few pictures
cause they stopped me from taking pictures
saying that de lighting from my camera * actually it's my auntie's camera Xp *
will affect their photos wo
pahpei =.=

so i don't take them i take other stuffs
i took some pictures of de hotel

de cafeteria - kinda like buffet style

another cafeteria i guess =.=

chess anyone? =)
oh so you can play chess here when you're bored! Xp

de swimming pool~
ah de water so nice n clear
feel like swimming at that moment but too bad =.=
i've got stuffs to hold (carrying their stuff)

de view

oh they have spa boutique as well

n underground gym but sorry no photos Xp

those were hotel rooms balcony
quite nice pun Xp

de room!

oh i mean de bed! Xp
cause i only take de picture of de bed hehe

ah so sweet of them (hotel people)
knowing them gonna get married so they decorate de room like honeymoon style Xp

that's all of de pictures
too bad i didn't get to take more pictures of de hotel
regret! >.<
ah then de next day (friday) we went to this designer's place (specialized on wedding gowns)
my cousin sis wanna make me a bridemaid dress
de total of de dress - 550bucks =.=
most of de money goes to de cloth (chiffon)
he said need a few layers
but so expensive i also like kinda paiseh la =.=
it's a really simple design dress
oh no picture for that btw Xp

oh! n hor
on last saturday i went to pavilion with my brother n his girlfriend before we back to ipoh
so we had lunch at this-kononnyaz-got-branches-all-over-de-world restaurant
de total bill was 190+ bucks for three person
n de food wasn't that nice n not really worth for that price
but well this is kl so i can't say much pun =.=

n i saw a roxy purse *again*
it's white in colour
ah~ so nice so pretty =3

it costs 99bucks
i wanted to buy
in de end i didn't buy it =.=

okay end of de kl "trip"
trip kononnyaz~ Xp
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Saturday, August 16, 2008
- de making of kuih talam Xp -
come come
chuilynn teach you how to make kuih talam ar~ Xp
hahaha swt~
oh btw no ingredients will be list here cause i pun don't know what ingredients my mom use
* except for de main ingredients * Xp

for de green aka pandan aka sweet layer
* which i like =3 *

first we used some "pandan juice" ( from pandan leaves ) * i guess *
mix with santan * i guess again *
then we stir it in a pot which placed on de boiling water

stir stir stir
kept on stirring it

stir until it looks like this
* which i think it's kinda geli looking =.= *

then we steam it!

for de white aka salty layer
* which i don't like =.= *

while de green layer is being "steamed" ~
it's de salty layer's turn now

we just do like what we did for de green layer
de steps were de same anyway =.=

stir n stir

after don't know how many minutes =.=

yeah yeah de green layer!
looks like jelly eh? haha

then now we "sapu" aka fill de salty part on de green-jelly layer

n now
STEAM again!
* but don't know for how many minutes again =.= *

n this is our final product
* forget to take de picture of it when it's in one piece one piece =.= *

kuih talam! yummy! =3

however i only eat de green layer
cause i think de salty layer is weird =.=
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
- iRiver Mickey Mouse MP3 Player -
yes yes
normally i'll use my handphone to listen to mp3
but then since my beloved sony ericsson k750i's earphone was..
erm..kinda like putus d =.=

so now whenever i'm on de road (trips) i couldn't listen to mp3s cause no earphone
n i'm too lazy to get a new one =.=

oh oh
n when i go for a jog if there's no music accompany me
it would be boring =.=
but takkan i bring de phone with me when i'm jogging eh?
what if i accidentally drop my phone while i'm jogging?! =.=
* i know how careless i could be at times *

anyway there's one day i saw this cute mp3 in sunway pyramid
n i knew that i'll buy her from de first sight i saw her( de mp3 )
* being a shopaholic AGAIN Xp *
mana tau moilingsim bought it before i did

oh btw this is de mp3 player i wanna buy =)

iRiver Mickey Mouse Mp3 Player

there's 5 colours available
black blue silver pink n white

hmm i think i'll either go for de black / de silver / de white one =)
* definitely not de pink one! =.= *

so which one is better?

de black one?

de silver one?

or de white one? =)

well it's not that i love mickey mouse that much
it's just that it looks cute n it could be use as accessories too =3
it's not as long as ipod or whatever mp3 they're having now in de market now
n it's just about a pingpong ball size
that's not bad right?

ah~ seems like i'm wasting money again =.=
but don't care
i'll use my own money =)

btw this is a scheduled post (bout a few weeks ago)..meaning that i'm not copying moilingsim k? Xp

oh yea i asked moilingsim to help me to buy this mp3
since her college got people selling this
* i wonder how come those people so free sell this kinda things in college eh? =.= *

anyway most probably i'll get it on september =)
n i ordered a white one =)
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Sunday, August 10, 2008
- which phone to choose? -
remember de ocbc bank brochure my dad show me?
n i mentioned that there's a phone that was not bad
n here this is it

Sony Ericsson G900

this phone has 5.0 megapixel camera
Auto focus..Video stabilizer..Picture blogging..Video light..Red-eye reduction..Image stabiliser..Video record..Digital zoom..n Photo light..
while W960i has only 3.2 megapixel camera..Auto focus..Video record..Digital zoom..n Photo light..

from de camera specs G900 is better than W960i
besides de camera specs
basically G900 n W960i were having de same functions
both of them were touch-screen
n their price were ALMOST de same as well

well G900 really not bad you know
what attracts me de most was de camera specs
that's why when i found out that there's a phone like G900
i'm really having a hard time to choose which phone to buy =.=

but then when i compare again
i still prefer W960i
though it's a little bit big size
but then at least W960i has bigger screen
n it has built-in 8GB phone memory * though it would be laggy but i don't really mind *

so in de end i've decided to stick to de W960i

* oh well i might change my mind in de end who knows~ Xp *
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Saturday, August 09, 2008
- yay =3 -
finally i drove myself out to jusco..
night time! Xp

er when i go jusco not really night time yet la
it's around 7p.m la
de sky still bright hehe

but i never drive to jusco before
so i had a really hard time to decide whether i wanna drive out ornot

in de end i just like : "don't care la! sei jao sei la" Xp

normally saturday jusco parking sure full ger
so i straight away go roof n parked there
well i don't really mind if de place i park is far away from de place i'm going
as long as it's easy to park then it's okie Xp

oh so i went to jusco supermart to find chiayin n wait for her to finish work
then after that we went to de yumcha place behind jusco
yumcha-ed with sengfoo lingsim kokseng n chiayin

after that i drove myself home la
of cause i reached home safely!
still in one piece lalala~ Xp
or else i wouldn't be here blogging la right? Xp

n i told my daddy bout it
he doesn't sound angry * though he said yau mou kao chor ar at first =.= *
he won't scold me gua when he comes home?
hopefully * pray hard *

oh yea n hor while i'm waiting for chiayin to collect her stuff i saw this scene
a bunch of police officers were like catching a woman in jusco supermart
then one of de lady officer put a handcuff on that woman
i think that woman stole something or anything la
lots of people watching pun Xp

oh btw sorry chiachia it's not that i don't wanna fetch you home
i don't dare la
i really can't afford if anything happen =.=
sorry ya

n thanks ya lingsim for de cupcakes
so MUCH icing boh
hahaha swt~
though thank you jor just now but not sure you hear it ornot
so thanks again! haha
it will be my lunch tomorrow =)

haha so i purposely blog bout my driving today
what wo~ people noobie in driving ma

now i really think that driving is fun~ Xp
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Friday, August 08, 2008
- thank god -

i drive myself to office n home today
n i'm still in one piece!


i'm so afraid that i might get into accident or whatever =.=

but thank god

hahaha so swt Xp
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what i have to do now is
PRAY HARD that nothing's gonna happen tomorrow =.=
* pray hard *
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008
- note -
well my parents won't be at home this few days n only will be home on sunday morning
n my brother going to kl tomorrow as well
basically i'll be home alone for a few days

so before my parents start off my dad leave me this note

so shortform right??

my dad so cute la Xp
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008
- i want i want =D -
Sony Ericsson W960i

i want i want!
damn it i want this damn phone!
* okay okay calm down calm down =.= *

actually i kinda aimed for this phone quite some time ago
but when i went online n search de price for this phone
that time de price still kinda high
around rm2.5 - 3k like that

n that time i gave up de thought of getting this phone
but now price dropped d!

but recently i went to de sony ericsson shop near tesco there
it's around rm2k now (for ori)
but then i think AP will be much cheaper than that
online there stated rm1870 - 1950 for ori n rm 1455 - 1535 for AP

ah~ i want this phone!

8GB built-in memory wei~
noneed to use any external memory card
3.2 megapixel with photo light
n de most important thing is this phone got auto focus! * YES! *
some of de sony ericsson phone i like don't have auto focus n it's such a waste

but this phone got almost everything i like
or should i say it got EVERYTHING i want in a phone

Walkman player..3G connectivity..Wifi n it has touch screen as well!

i decided to save up money to buy this phone!

n yeah i'm so gonna let my parents n brother scold for wasting money to buy new phone
they sure nag me one
got o2 still not enough yet still wanna buy a new one =.=

yes o2 is not bad but i like this phone even more! =.=
plus actually o2 is good only when i use it for online purpose
it's quite mafan actually using o2 to make a phone call
especially when i wanna make an urgent phone call that time lagi mafan =.=

but then when i told my daddy bout my plan of getting a new phone
he asked me why buy so expensive phone n he's like kinda unhappy like that =.=
then when i asked my brother he say tak boleh =.=

oh but then my daddy is nice afterall
when he found out bout de ocbc bank card holder buy phone will be a little bit cheaper
u know de monthly installment method

so he kept de brochure for me to see~
* oh well i did saw a phone that was quite not bad..will update bout it later =) *

aww =3 means he agreed on my plan of buying this phone also la right?
sort of i think =) whee~
my daddy is nice n very de sayang me afterall *muah*

n i kinda got approvals from my daddy mommy n gohgoh for buying this phone

well no matter what i'll try to get this phone at de end of this year =)
using my own money of course =.=
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