Saturday, July 05, 2008
- takecare -
when is de first time i got to know you eh?
erm i think it's two years 2006
de first time i met you is at bamboo house in jusco
then we went to genting together for de first time after that too
haha n then we had been housemates for two years
sama-sama stay in this kampar apartment unit A103
we both share a same hobby which is we both love taking pictures

in A103's kitchen


doing silly pose

this picture taken on de day i leave kampar
miss de days in kampar

remember this?
we jadi group facilitator together =)

this is our group 13

on convo day helping ELS

ELS malacca trip

ELS dinner

our last trip together to genting

though i just know you for two years only
but i'm happy for having you as my friend n housemate when we're still in kampar

tomorrow you gonna leave us to further your studies in aussie d
honestly i'm gonna miss you =(
do take good care of yourself over there ya
end of de year come back must find me okie? =)

this post is specially for you
sueling a.k.a susu =)
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