Tuesday, July 22, 2008
- shopping in kl =3 -
ah yes yes
i did mentioned bout i went shopping when i'm in kl last week in my previous post right?

so basically i went kl with 300bucks n come back with 20bucks left
erm..i spent 80% - 95% of de money on shopping

well de first few days my brother is with me so he's de one who pay for my food
after he went back to ipoh
somehow i just don't want to spend much money on food

so i didn't really eat much for de last two three days
can diet pun not bad ma hehe

n de items below were my RESULTS * dengan bangganyaz * in my last week's shopping Xp

guess what
i bought those T's from pasarmalam

i never buy any shirts from pasarmalam before
but don't know why i just went n bought it =.=
well anyway it's nice also ger =)

yes yes!
formal-like shirts
don't since when i started to like this kinda shirts
looks nice n a little bit lady-like =3
de most important one is~ it's black! *muah* i love black hehe
i'm definitely gonna buy more of this kinda shirts in de future hoho Xp

my favourite =3

so far of my heels purchases aka heels hunting
this is my favourite pair of heels
jeans material whee~
love at first sight with a pair of heels
haha swt~ Xp

silver in colour
nice not nice not? =3

de owls were cute so i bought it Xp

she seems like a cute happy froggie
bought her from de pasarmalam
n it's attached to my keys now

so now she's my cute little happy froggie keychain whee~ =3

black bunny
bought her from pasarmalam too =3
n now she fall in love with my bottle apparently it's a she as well

cute hor? Xp

black piggie =3

white bunny =3

my new handphone bag

n it has two compartments
cause i have two handphones =3

so now i just need to put two handphones in one handphone bag
much easier for me now =)

black piggie n white bunny looks good together =3
n now they're with my handphone bag
n they lived happily ever after

ah~ so cute Xp

oh got one more item
but it's not mine
it's my friend's birthday present
so i'm not gonna show it here la
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