Thursday, July 31, 2008
- my new pets Xp -
it's PETS
not PEST ya

haha it's not animals anyway
i just saja wanna call them as my pet
haha swt~

anyway here is it

my new handphone - O2 XDA Zinc =3

eh well it's not really NEW anyway
it's my brother's but i rampas it from him since de day i went to kl for a week work
n now somehow he gave it to me

no longer using de stupid old nokia phone =3
but O2 camera wasn't as good as my beloved sony ericsson yet O2's colour resolution is better

O2 i can online with de 3G connection anytime anywhere * IF de 3G signal is stable *
sounds nice hehe

oh yea there's one day ( 22nd of July 2008 )
my dad came in to our office n said
" ah girl girl your birthday present had arrived "

my birthday present is a brand new Dell 13 inch laptop

* muah * so nice so nice =3

"open ceremony" of de laptop

yay yay~

i got a new handphone n a new laptop whee~ =3

i'm a happy girl =3
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