Sunday, July 27, 2008
- my lovely office -
as you all know i've been working since last month ( June )
at de beginning my office was like erm..
some place that had been abandoned by people for quite sometime =.=
no aircond no curtain to cover us from de striking sunlight
not really a good n comfortable working environment i can say
1 word - it SUX

but that was last time
after some discussion between our family members
family members included - daddy mommy + " yi ma ku jie " + " 7 sook 8 gong " + " 3 gu 6 poh "
* those words in " " please translate in cantonese yourself thank you *
they decided to renovate de WHOLE office

yes yes from front to back hahaha

i only took part in deciding de carpet's colour =.=
it's not really that i decide de colour of de carpet
i just agree on de colour they picked =.=
btw it's de colour i like
so i won't mind that much

alright then now i shall begin to show you all de pictures of de BEFORE..DURING..n AFTER renovation of de office


n de renovation began =.=

ah this is my tempo work place while de renovation is on
kesian i know =.=


what i show this for?
ah this is important
this is a thingy that we need to face if we wanna go in to de office =.=

our office is more to open office concept
so all of us work here

n this is a conference room for meeting clients

n yes there's AIRCONDS in our office now
ah~ so nice
yet very cold as well
FREEZING cold i mean =.=
need sweater all de time
but well it's better than nothing anyway Xp

well de office is a pretty big you see
but just a few of us working here
so most of de places are not really fully utilize

BUT when it comes to family gathering
de whole office is FULLY utilized
need proof?

20th of July 2008

FULLY utilized~
good job Wong's family hurray~ =.=
hahaha swt~

well there's more people that came to this Wong's family office "open ceremony" gathering
some of my uncles n aunties hide themselves in de conference room to enjoy their food n chit chat
n some were in our working room ( my brother's friends )

guess this office will be one of de place for Wong's family to have their family gathering at once in awhile

ah~ that's SO fun =.=
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