Monday, July 07, 2008
- drama spree whee~ =.= -

i finished de WHOLE drama series in ONE day!

WHOLE drama 20 episodes 14 hours plus

just in one day



what a huge accomplishment Xp

what drama is it?

The Seventh Day

i know i know outdated you will say

at first when i got de DVD from my cousin-sis-in-law i don't really feel like watching
but then since it's sunday n i've got nothing to do
so ma watch lu..n then i just kept on watching
cause i don't wanna leave any episodes to continue de next day Xp
so i started to watch in de afternoon n finished around 3a.m.

crazy eh?
i never admit that i'm THAT normal also what Xp

shall go to bed NOW
i still gotta work in de morning

somehow i just don't really like monday now =.=
chuilynn says at 3:17:00 AM
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