Thursday, July 17, 2008
- de 4th day working in kl * updated * -
ah~ yes yes i'm currently working in kl now
n it's de 4th day working here

haha nah not that serious
it's just a little bored n tiring

thank god i'll be only working here for a week
but kesian my colleague gonna work here for two months

haha i'm going back to ipoh this saturday as saturday night Wong's family will be having family dinner again ( my uncle's birthday dinner )
yeah! i miss my bed n aircond so much T.T

currently i'm in de client's office which is located in cheras
n me n my colleague were staying nearby de client's office ( same row with de office)
which means it's those shoplots house
there's some malays staying there
husbands n wives two pairs n one more never show up once =.=
* ah apparently de one more who never show up is a man..he's a chinese but i think he's chinese-indian mix *

though it's kinda OLD * i mean de building *
but luckily it's clean
so well basically everything's fine haha

bout my work eh
well basically i do NOTHING over here
i mean i'm not doing something related to this client's system now
i'm working on another client's project now

so basically if de workers here ask me bout de system i'll only reply ( we're doing system support btw )
me : er..sorry i'm not so sure..why not ask my colleague =.=

useless huh? i know Xp

well though it's shoplot house but nearby there's only one mamak n one kopitiam which only open until afternoon =.=
for de past few days i've got my brother to bring us around to makan * n shopping Xp *
but now we have to depend on ourselves d
that's sad

but i'll only be here until this saturday so...
KESIAN my colleague haha Xp

n i only can online when i'm in client's place * they have wireless connection here *
oh..not only that
i can online in room as well since i've rampas my brother's pocket pc
n soon it will be mine

but de 3G connection here was a little bit weak or should i say it's just WEAK
so sometimes it really took me a LONG time to connect to msn or check mail
but well i still get to online in de end so i wouldn't mind that much Xp

oh yea i did mentioned bout shopping right?
i went shopping in timesquare two days ago * my brother brought us there *

YAY~ n i spent around 200 bucks =.=
well shopping makes me why not? Xp

phew so basically that's all for now
have to back to work anyway
using working hours to blog again * ngek ngek * Xp

oh yea btw
ong susu there will be no update bout convo until i get ALL my pictures which i think it will be like 987394638764873 days
just go n look at THIS PERSON's blog enough la Xp
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