Tuesday, June 03, 2008
- stupid -
i hate to sleep early!
i kept on awake from my dreamland last night
if i sleep at 5a.m. this kinda stuff wouldn't have happen also
ish ish
i felt like i didn't really sleep at all =.=
* although i'm not feeling tired *

at first i thought of it's better to back to a normal human being lifestyle for me to sleep early
* n my mom was really surprised n HAPPY that i sleep so early last night =.= *

but i think my usual abnormal human being routine will be more suitable for me
* at least i'm happier =.= ...my happiness is more important =.= *

tonight i shall back to my usual routine
watch tv-online-n sleep at 5a.m.
ish ish =.=

how come my 100th post will be this dumb post
dumb betui!
chuilynn says at 9:38:00 AM
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