Wednesday, June 18, 2008
- pretty slow -
de line in office here was super duper slow!
there's no way for me to sign in to my msn
once i log in it disconnected
i log in again it disconnected again
i end up using eBuddy to sign in my msn =.=
babi betui ish ish
even when i wanna create a new post i'll have to wait n refresh - wait n refresh - wait n refresh only i get to this page
took ages to load =.=
at first we're using my brother's celcom 3G broadband to connect to de internet since de streamyx still not here yet
de line is unstable all de time
n now alright we have streamyx
but de wireless router is in my dad's office
* my dad's office is just a few steps away from my current office..ours 1st floor his ground floor *
de wireless signal was OKIE~ but not stable
not at all =.=

i miss my home's streamyx
i'm using cable instead of wireless router at home
at least it's stable enough for me to download detective conan anime! Xp

well it's time for me to go home now
* fong gong lo fong gong lo * whee~ Xp
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