Sunday, June 22, 2008
- my kl trip * updated * -
yeah~ i'm home from kl
home sweet home * muah * =3

went to kl this friday
wonder why i suddenly got this kl trip?
haha on saturday i did something that i'll never think of doing it in my life
i went to AirAsia's flight attendant walk-in interview ( got 300+ ladies n gentlemen went for de interview ler )
haha swt~

but i failed la of course
i won't really mind though
no harm trying also what
even when that girl told 4 of us ( me n some unknown people ) that we're not selected for de second interview
i was de only person smiling n said it's okie while 3 of them just keep quiet only =.=
muahahahahaha aiseh macam no effect at all pun for didn't get it

though sounds pointless going there without getting a PASSED la
but then it's a good experience
at least i got to know how a flight attendant walk-in interview would be
hehe though i never think of being one

but now i think think i got a bit tak puas hati also la
so i planned after my degree if got de same thing again i'll go for it again
ngek ngek
for what? for fun la
lalala~ plus tak puas hati also la
was not fully prepared after all

haha excuses i know! bluek Xp

but i won't find malaysia airline lo if i ever go for interview again
cause my bahasa SUX! lalala~

got any airline that require only english n mandarin or cantonese ar? Xp
i think malaysia don't have lo isn't it? =.=

oh btw once again i need to thank this three person
chingy drew n keijoe

thanks keijoe n chingy let me stay at their place this two nights
thanks drew ( tour guide kononnyaz ) for fetching n bringing me around kl this three days

thanks alots eh =)

oh oh! nearly forget to update bout this

this whole interview i got to know something
their measure equipments for height n weight are totally tak tepat at all!
my height should be 165cm but that lady record as 164cm! * 1cm means a lots to me =.= *
n my weight..* erm i shall not reveal my weight here * but that lady record my weight 3 kg heavier than my original weight! =.=

i'm 1cm shorter n gained 3 kg in 1 day!
what is this! =.="
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