Tuesday, June 17, 2008
- my first day at work -
yes yes
i just started to work on 16th of June 2008
which means yesterday

yesterday reached de office around 0850a.m.
i woke up at 8a.m.!
if you all know me well you should know that i seldom wake up that early

but from now onwards
i'll need to wake up early almost everyday ( except saturday n sunday of course )

torture =.=
suffer =.=

i miss my being a nightghost lifestyle

i hope i could sleep early too
but i really couldn't sleep early
i tried before you know
but i end up mentally n physically exhausted when i wake up =.=

so last night n de last last night this is what i did
i slept around 7 or 8p.m.
then suddenly i woke up around 12a.m.
after that i awake until 3 or 4a.m.
then back to sleep again =.=
around 8a.m. wake up again
but still i'm very energetic de next morning whee~
well this is basically my routine now hoho

meanie drew said i'll gg de very next day
now i prove to you i'm super bersemangat now! hmmph! Xp
though my eyes a little bit tired BUT still i'm bersemangat ar!
lalala~ Xp

i didn't take picture of de whole office cause it's a little too big for my phone camera lens to fit it all in one picture =.=
so i'll just show you my working table

tadaa~ my working table

it's not only mine la actually
i have to share this table with my colleague
n she's a girl haha
quite pretty also gar hehe

basically de whole office is only me stephanie ( my colleague ) n my brother ( de boss )
three person one so damn big office
what for? =.=

still need to renovate
no aircond yet but gonna get some soon

de whole office is like so damn big n so damn empty
honestly it doesn't looks like an office at all =.=
another reason that it doesn't looks like an office is this

this is my working partner aka piggie aka pillow aka something for me to hug

guess that no one will bring this kinda thing to office eh?
but i will Xp

i need something to hug while working what
cannot ke? Xp

well that's all bout my office
off me go
back to work lu whee~

n yes i'm blogging during working hours
my brother ( boss ) not around so ma curi tulang abit lo hehe
me -> this kinda worker can fired anytime ger la
i know! haha swt
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