Sunday, June 15, 2008
- family dinner -
last night was my 4th uncle n auntie's 30th anniversary dinner
just as usual Wong's family will gather together at de usual restaurant
a restaurant that we ( Wong's family ) always go for lunch or dinner for de past 15 years or more

i still remember that when we ( me n my cousins ) are still a bunch of kids
we already always go to this restaurant for family events or occasions
n we're always de last group of people who leave de restaurant while other tables already left straight away after their dinner

sometimes we start our dinner around 8
n we usually leave de restaurant n reach home around 11p.m.
or 12a.m. sometimes =.=
it's quite late eh?
well uncles n aunties just love to chit chat n drink their alcohol there

while me? i'll just camwhore as usual =)
last night just de pictures of myself alone it's around 50+
i just broke my previous record ! hoho Xp
camwhore like there's no tomorrow

just as usual =)
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