Saturday, May 31, 2008
- wedding dinner -
just came home from my brother's girlfriend's brother's wedding dinner
sounds complicated?
haha kinda~

well de dishes was not bad tonight
i ate alots! =.=
cannot! tomorrow must back to my diet again! Xp

oh...tomorrow night having family dinner again
* diet plan ruined T.T *

anyway throughout de dinner
my phone just kept on * ka-chak ka-chak ka-chak *

NO~ it's not cockroach in cantonese
it's my beloved camera phone's shutter sound
cause throughout de dinner i'm having a non-stop-camwhore-spree! Xp

after i came home i transfer all de pictures from my phone to my beloved laptop

n what i got is~

total 40+ pictures of me! *muah* =3=

if you click de picture for a clearer view you'll notice that for all de pictures i'm having de same pose! hoho~
aiks what~
i no creativity ma can ornot? Xp

after all de view-this one not nice-delete-that one not nice-delete thingy
this is de pictures that survived from de delete-not nice pictures-spree whee~ =)

10 pictures left! Xp

oh oh! i found my long-lost-double eyelid tonight!

i did apply eyeliner n mascara tonight
but from this angle it's not very obvious i guess =.=
when i pose like this
a kinda obvious double eyelid-look-alike line appears~ =.=
well it will only appears when i take picture like this =.=

though my eyes are small -.-
but still i love my single eyelid =3
last time i used to think how good would it be if i'm having double eyelid
but now...
nah~ i'm satisfied with what i have! =3
oh except for the body fat =.=

before i end this post there's one more picture

THIS is a glass of WINE

but why would some people serve wine with ICE eh?!
weird =.=
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