Wednesday, May 07, 2008
- scary T.T -
i had a bad bad dream last night...
de whole dream is like i go n get my result slip before i graduate...
when i look at my result slip...
it stated there that i've passed everythin but i failed co-curriculum!
n i can't graduate without that two credit hours!
it scared me somehow...
this dream kinda similar to one of de dream i had last time...
that one is i failed my bahasa language subject pula... =.=
similar dreams...TWICE somemore!
is that a hint? =.=
although i'm sure that i passed everything n i don't have any exams this sem...
but don't know why will be like so worry bout my result =.=
maybe i'm just thinking too much
hope i won't get this kinda dream again
PLEASE! T.T * it scared me! *
chuilynn says at 4:47:00 PM
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