Friday, May 09, 2008
- my recent kl trip -
whee~ i love my recent KL trip!
went KL on 30th of April...'s fun!
cause i get to buy what i always wanted to buy!

* drum rolls *


ROXY!!! * super excited! *

my first ROXY ladylike purse~
ah~ so ladylike...
she's such a beauty isn't she? Xp

cute hor cute hor???
this is one of de reason i bought this purse
so cute! * muah * =3

end of part one...what's part two?
ngek ngek~
i super love dis lo!


Nintendo DS Lite!!! * super super super EXCITED!!! *

ahhh~ silver baby! =3

she's pretty~ =3

at first i thought wanna get a black one...
it released on my birthday somemore!
but then de salesperson said black easier to get finger prints on de cover...
n if there's any scratches on de cover it would be more obvious...
so she recommended me silver...
well...silver is nice too =3

wondering why i'll choose DS Lite instead of PSP?
I KNOW~ PSP functions n stuff is better than DS Lite...
it has built in wireless...bigger screen...
but it don't have much games that i want...
all also violent violent games... =.= i don't really like violent games...

for DS Lite...though it doesn't has BIG screen n it couldn't online without de internet browser thingy which cost RM100++...
but it has touch screen which i really like...
n i like DS Lite games~ which is childish games!

what~ i like childish games what...
cannot ke? Xp

i'll treat them nicely!
it won't have any scratches on it!
i won't let that happen!
i promise! =3
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