Thursday, May 22, 2008
- kesian my laptop -
as you can see de title of my today's post
n if you're wondering why

hmm alright i'll tell you why

my laptop had been ON since LAST thursday until NOW
7 days 19 hours 53 minutes n 26 seconds
a WEEK! muahahahaha
more than a week actually =.=

oh i'm NOT torturing my laptop
i just...don't feel like shutting down my laptop somehow
that's all =.=

a few hours more it will be de 8th day
well to be honest i'm not going to shut down my laptop tonight either
i'll let her have a GOOD rest after i finish my WORK
to be exact it's PROGRAMMING work
so to be honest i don't know when can i finish my work either =.=

so...please don't explode my dear laptop
sayang you lots k? =3= muacx! =3

oh oh! you want a proof?
okie i'll show you

click de image for a clearer view =)
chuilynn says at 11:27:00 PM
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