Monday, May 26, 2008
- bad habits -
well i can say that i've got lots of BAD habits
one of de worst habit i had is staying up late n wake up late

how late?
as late as 4a.m or 5a.m n sometimes 6a.m
oh it's not late though
it's kinda "early" since it's a.m =.=

well i TRIED to sleep early before
i really did you know
but i just couldn't get myself to sleep THAT early(3a.m)

n what time i wake up everyday?
erm let see~
12p.m or 1p.m~
oh i woke up at 3p.m today(25th) =.=

that's what i do everyday nowadays since i don't really work seriously =.=
what~ i don't have any office to work at YET what
you can't expect me to work seriously without having a proper environment a.k.a office right? =3

oh~ by de way my brother already told me that he's getting an office in de town
n CONFIRMED by next month which means JUNE we'll be having an office
it's just a few more days ahead =.= n i'll need to work SERIOUSLY
so i HAVE to drive him to office EVERY working morning n of cause myself gonna work there as well

*sighs* i really wonder what am i going to do that time?!
i sleep at 4 or 5 or even 6 in de freaking morning!
n u expect me to just sleep for two or three hours n go to work?
how am i going to survive like that? =.=

maybe i already used to sleep THAT "early" so now you want me to sleep even EARLY
i just couldn't do it =.=
i even wrote this post at 4a.m!
i just couldn't do much thing in de daytime

i really need to fix this bad habit as fast as possible
if not i'll be in deep trouble~
* couldn't wake up in time for work + SUPER panda eyes + SUPER DUPER bad health + de most important one - POTONG GAJI =.= sobs *
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