Saturday, May 31, 2008
- wedding dinner -
just came home from my brother's girlfriend's brother's wedding dinner
sounds complicated?
haha kinda~

well de dishes was not bad tonight
i ate alots! =.=
cannot! tomorrow must back to my diet again! Xp

oh...tomorrow night having family dinner again
* diet plan ruined T.T *

anyway throughout de dinner
my phone just kept on * ka-chak ka-chak ka-chak *

NO~ it's not cockroach in cantonese
it's my beloved camera phone's shutter sound
cause throughout de dinner i'm having a non-stop-camwhore-spree! Xp

after i came home i transfer all de pictures from my phone to my beloved laptop

n what i got is~

total 40+ pictures of me! *muah* =3=

if you click de picture for a clearer view you'll notice that for all de pictures i'm having de same pose! hoho~
aiks what~
i no creativity ma can ornot? Xp

after all de view-this one not nice-delete-that one not nice-delete thingy
this is de pictures that survived from de delete-not nice pictures-spree whee~ =)

10 pictures left! Xp

oh oh! i found my long-lost-double eyelid tonight!

i did apply eyeliner n mascara tonight
but from this angle it's not very obvious i guess =.=
when i pose like this
a kinda obvious double eyelid-look-alike line appears~ =.=
well it will only appears when i take picture like this =.=

though my eyes are small -.-
but still i love my single eyelid =3
last time i used to think how good would it be if i'm having double eyelid
but now...
nah~ i'm satisfied with what i have! =3
oh except for the body fat =.=

before i end this post there's one more picture

THIS is a glass of WINE

but why would some people serve wine with ICE eh?!
weird =.=
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Monday, May 26, 2008
- bad habits -
well i can say that i've got lots of BAD habits
one of de worst habit i had is staying up late n wake up late

how late?
as late as 4a.m or 5a.m n sometimes 6a.m
oh it's not late though
it's kinda "early" since it's a.m =.=

well i TRIED to sleep early before
i really did you know
but i just couldn't get myself to sleep THAT early(3a.m)

n what time i wake up everyday?
erm let see~
12p.m or 1p.m~
oh i woke up at 3p.m today(25th) =.=

that's what i do everyday nowadays since i don't really work seriously =.=
what~ i don't have any office to work at YET what
you can't expect me to work seriously without having a proper environment a.k.a office right? =3

oh~ by de way my brother already told me that he's getting an office in de town
n CONFIRMED by next month which means JUNE we'll be having an office
it's just a few more days ahead =.= n i'll need to work SERIOUSLY
so i HAVE to drive him to office EVERY working morning n of cause myself gonna work there as well

*sighs* i really wonder what am i going to do that time?!
i sleep at 4 or 5 or even 6 in de freaking morning!
n u expect me to just sleep for two or three hours n go to work?
how am i going to survive like that? =.=

maybe i already used to sleep THAT "early" so now you want me to sleep even EARLY
i just couldn't do it =.=
i even wrote this post at 4a.m!
i just couldn't do much thing in de daytime

i really need to fix this bad habit as fast as possible
if not i'll be in deep trouble~
* couldn't wake up in time for work + SUPER panda eyes + SUPER DUPER bad health + de most important one - POTONG GAJI =.= sobs *
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Saturday, May 24, 2008
- de 9th day * updated * -

it's de 9th day of my restless laptop survived without having a rest

ah~ new record

hoho no worries la i'll let her rest just in awhile more

i still got some work to do so just wait awhile more k?

but i promise will let you rest ya

* pat pat laptop *

restless laptop says : finally T.T

- 24th of May 2008 1214 p.m. -

after 6 hours rest she's awake again! Xp
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Thursday, May 22, 2008
- kesian my laptop -
as you can see de title of my today's post
n if you're wondering why

hmm alright i'll tell you why

my laptop had been ON since LAST thursday until NOW
7 days 19 hours 53 minutes n 26 seconds
a WEEK! muahahahaha
more than a week actually =.=

oh i'm NOT torturing my laptop
i just...don't feel like shutting down my laptop somehow
that's all =.=

a few hours more it will be de 8th day
well to be honest i'm not going to shut down my laptop tonight either
i'll let her have a GOOD rest after i finish my WORK
to be exact it's PROGRAMMING work
so to be honest i don't know when can i finish my work either =.=

so...please don't explode my dear laptop
sayang you lots k? =3= muacx! =3

oh oh! you want a proof?
okie i'll show you

click de image for a clearer view =)
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Friday, May 16, 2008
- random -
- picture of de day -

bearbear commit suicide because of PEER PRESSURE!
kesian bearbear~ Xp
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Friday, May 09, 2008
- my recent kl trip -
whee~ i love my recent KL trip!
went KL on 30th of April...'s fun!
cause i get to buy what i always wanted to buy!

* drum rolls *


ROXY!!! * super excited! *

my first ROXY ladylike purse~
ah~ so ladylike...
she's such a beauty isn't she? Xp

cute hor cute hor???
this is one of de reason i bought this purse
so cute! * muah * =3

end of part one...what's part two?
ngek ngek~
i super love dis lo!


Nintendo DS Lite!!! * super super super EXCITED!!! *

ahhh~ silver baby! =3

she's pretty~ =3

at first i thought wanna get a black one...
it released on my birthday somemore!
but then de salesperson said black easier to get finger prints on de cover...
n if there's any scratches on de cover it would be more obvious...
so she recommended me silver...
well...silver is nice too =3

wondering why i'll choose DS Lite instead of PSP?
I KNOW~ PSP functions n stuff is better than DS Lite...
it has built in wireless...bigger screen...
but it don't have much games that i want...
all also violent violent games... =.= i don't really like violent games...

for DS Lite...though it doesn't has BIG screen n it couldn't online without de internet browser thingy which cost RM100++...
but it has touch screen which i really like...
n i like DS Lite games~ which is childish games!

what~ i like childish games what...
cannot ke? Xp

i'll treat them nicely!
it won't have any scratches on it!
i won't let that happen!
i promise! =3
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
- scary T.T -
i had a bad bad dream last night...
de whole dream is like i go n get my result slip before i graduate...
when i look at my result slip...
it stated there that i've passed everythin but i failed co-curriculum!
n i can't graduate without that two credit hours!
it scared me somehow...
this dream kinda similar to one of de dream i had last time...
that one is i failed my bahasa language subject pula... =.=
similar dreams...TWICE somemore!
is that a hint? =.=
although i'm sure that i passed everything n i don't have any exams this sem...
but don't know why will be like so worry bout my result =.=
maybe i'm just thinking too much
hope i won't get this kinda dream again
PLEASE! T.T * it scared me! *
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Sunday, May 04, 2008
- Tagged by Tan Thian Hoe =.= -
why la you tagged me babi thian?!
=.= it goes then~

1. Name : Wong Chui Lynn

2. Nick name : ahhh...some of my friends like to call me "lin lin"...BABI LU ALL! =.=

3. Married : i'm single but not available...SINGLE you know?

4. Male or female : i'm a GIRL =3

5. High School : apa tu? boleh makan ke? * Perak Girl School la *

6. College : Tarc

7. Short hair or long hair : keeping long hair again =)

8. Are you a health freak ? : Er...i get gastric often...but i think I AM! Xp

9. Height : 165+ cm

10. Do you have a crush on someone? : guys no NO! =)

11. Do you like yourself? : OF COURSE~ =)

12. Piercings : Ears piercings only

13. Righty or left handed? : Right!


14. First surgery : stardard 4 =.=

15. First piercing(s) : i can't really remember when

16. First person you see in the morning : usually i wake up in de AFTERNOON Xp

17. First award : primary school...those reading books award i think

18. First sport you joined : swim swim swim

19. First pet : Hammie! er...i mean hamster =3

20. First vacation : Aussie i guess...when i'm 5 years old =.=

22. First crush : secondary school i guess

23. Eating : DIET!

24.Drinking : water is Healthy! Xp

25. I'm about to : post this thing? haha

26. Want kids : NO WAY! if THAT happen it will be an accident

27. Want to get married : not really...i wanna study n work first =)

28. Careers in mind : i'm gonna work for my brother no matter how =.= no objection


29. Lips or eyes : * blink blink * eyes =3

30. Hugs or kisses : i like both =)

31. Shorter or taller : taller of course...who wants to be short?

32. Romantic or spontaneous : can i want both? =)

33. Sensitive or loud : anything ler~

34. Trouble maker or hesitant : i both also don't want can ornot? =.=


35. Kissed a stranger : why would i do that? =.=

36. Drank bubbles : teh tarik punya bubbles got la Xp

37. Lost glasses/contacts : nope

38. Ran away from home : i'm a good good girl =)

39. Liked someone younger : hmmm yea

40. Liked someone older : i don't like uncles =.=

41. Broken someone's heart : yea

42. Been arrested : told ya i'm a good girl =)

43. Cried when someone died : when my grandpa died

44. Liked a friend : i like my friends~ =)


45. Yourself : sometimes

46. Miracles : where got such thing ger? unless i create de miracles myself la

47. Heaven : nope not really

48. Santa claus : i'm not a kid anymore =.=

49. Angels : not really


50. Is there one person you want to be with right now : prefer to be alone n it feels good =)

51. Do you believe in god : sometimes


i'm not gonna tag anyone...just read mine enough la okie? =)

gonna post what i got from kl...SOON!
wait for me ya Xp
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