Thursday, April 17, 2008
- new layout =) -
WHEE~ i've got a new bloggie layout~ =3

phew spent a few hours searching-copying-pasting-modifying this new layout

since it's a brand new life starts all over again
so i decided to change de layout of de bloggie as well

since de previous one wasn't really suit my current situation
that one was a sad n depressing layout n apparently it's bout love thingy
so i guess it doesn't really suit me now

well de new one is much better
although it's meaningless
but at least it's cute =)

second post on the same day
guess i'm just too free eh? =3

now it's 4 in de morning but i'm still not sleepy yet
that's why i'm so free doing all these stuff =)

i think i'm having insomnia
is there anyone know how to cure it? =.=
chuilynn says at 4:15:00 AM
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