Wednesday, April 23, 2008
- new blogskin again =3 *updated* -
i changed a NEW blogskin AGAIN =3
but this is not de original blogskin...
i modify de banner to chuilynn's version =)
spent almost 2 days for this simple flash banner =.=
but i think i'm getting better in flash now...

a girl floating in de sky with de balloon at night with sparkling stars behind =)
n de girl's eyes will blink blink one you know!
hahaha so happy!
got de satisfaction =3
*bangga* Xp

though it's not a perfect one...
but i'm satisfy with it =)

a new blogskin a new blogskin~ =)
this one is better than de previous one...
though de previous one's flash banner is CUTE...
but i don't really like de colour plus it looks a little bit weird on my screen...

well at least this blogskin's colour is dark n i modify de banner myself


cannot be proud also...later people say it's not professional at all pula =.=

* btw...people who can't view my flash banner or de whole page please inform me ya *
chuilynn says at 5:45:00 PM
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