Friday, May 05, 2006
- hoho... Xp -
1. My brother once:
a 50+ kg teenager... *now hez 28 yearzold and 70kg...hoho Xp*

2. Never in my life have I:
had a dream cum true (wil my dreamz cum true?) *sighz*

3. The one person who can drive me nuts:
my standard 6 form teacher...arh~!!! shez evil~!!!

4. When I'm nervous:
my heart beatz faster...duh~

5. The last time I cried was:
dunwana mention

6. If I were to get married RIGHT NOW my

bridesmaids/groomsmen would be:
get married? dun even think bout it b4...

7. Describe yourself:
a gal...tatz...kinda weird? Xp

8. My thoughts:
it would b nice if i get 2 go 4 a trip now...

9. What I really want to do now is:
college-in...go 4 a trip...shoppin~!!! =D

10. What I really HATE about myself right now is:
bein such a useless person... *sighz*

11. When I was 5:
travellin wif my family~ miss it alotz

12. Last Christmas:
har?...hey...itz a few monthz i suppose 2 remamber?

i dun even remamber wat happen yesterday...

13. When I turn my head left, I see:
curtainz in my room

14. When I turn my head right, I see:
my room door

15. When I look down I see:
my pillow

16. The craziest recent event was:
cant recal

17. By this time next year:
how i suppose 2 noe?

18. I have a hard time understanding:

19. One time at a family gathering:
i ate my dinner?

20. You know I "like" you if:
i said i miss u(seriously...not in a jokin way)

21. If I won an award, the first person I'd thank is:

22. My ideal breakfast is:
starbuckz~ yummy~ =D

23. If you visit my hometown:

24. Where do you plan to visit anytime soon:
hongkong...japan...korea...taiwan...blablabla... Xp

25. Boys are:
difficult 2 und...

26. Today I:
did nth...whole day stayin at home...yeah~ =D

27. The world could be nice without:
warz~ bad guyz~ crimez~

28. Most recent thing you've bought yourself:

29. Most recent thing someone else bought you:
i cant remamber ler...

30. Best present you've received:
cash~ $.$ *told materialistic Xp* ...

my SE k700i 4 my birthday from my brother which i aready lost it T_T *sobsob*...
and...a special * v * dinner...

31. My favorite time of the day is:
midnite...niteview~ yippee~!!! Xp

32. My favorite quote is:

33. I need:
new cam...

more clothezzz mayb Xp...

34. And by the way:
i wish i could get aircond and astro 4 de apartment in kampar...

which itz kinda impossible...

35. The person who I last talked to told me to:
eat dinner... (but i didnt =P)

36. Once, at a bar/club:
i dun go clubbin... Xp

37. Last night:
i slept~ Zzzz...

38. There's this girl who I:
wonderin whether shez doin fine or not...

39. There is this guy who I:
like...and miss alotz...
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